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Red Hurley

Name:Brian Hurley
National Finals:Irish National Song Contest 1971, 1976, 1979
ESC Entries:When (1976)


Red Hurley is an Irish singer, born in Milltown, county Dublin. In the late 1960s, he played in several bands, but his real breakthrough came in 1971 when he joined the band The Nevada. With Red Hurley as a lead singer, The Nevada had a lot of number 1 hits in the Irish charts. In 1974, he left the band, starting a solo career. He formed his own Red Hurley Band and scored hits like “Love is all”, “Broken promises”, “Tennessee special” and “You’re my day, you’re my night”. In 1976, Red represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “When”. Red’s overall record in the Irish Charts places him among the biggest chart acts of all time in Ireland, with over 20 hits and five number ones.
In the 1980s Red was not so successful anymore, as other artists now hit the Irish charts. Red Hurley moved to the United States in an attempt to make it there. In 2003 he recorded a new album, which was not only a success in Ireland but also in the USA and in the UK. Even nowadays, Red Hurley still performs frequently in these countries.


Artist:Red Hurley
Lyrics:Brendan Graham
Composer(s):Brendan Graham
Conductor:Noel Kelehan
Backings:Lola Kerr
Nicola Kerr
Pat Reilly
Running order:7