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Rainy Day

Name:Rose Rengel
Frank Müller
Gerry Braukmann
National Finals:Swiss national final 1982, 1984
ESC Entries:Welche Farbe hat der Sonnenschein (1984)


Founded in spring 1981, the hit trio Rainy Day consisted of Rose Rengel, Frank Miller and Gerry Braukmann. Rose originally was a dental assistant and later photo model. After that she played in small theatres. Paul was a trained merchant. As a singer, actor and showman, he sang in various rock groups and participated in various musical productions. Gerry was the singer, leader and producer of the group. In 1982, Rainy Day participated in the Swiss national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “El Dorado”. Two years later, they participated again and won, so they represented Switzerland with the song “Welche Farbe hat der Sonnenschein”. Frank left the group in the fall of 1984. That was the end of Rainy Day. Rose and Gerry teamed up with Paul Schmidhauser and called themselves Rose, Paul and Gerry. In 1985 they reached fourth place in the Swiss national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with “Gioventù”.


Artist:Rainy Day
Song:Welche Farbe hat der Sonnenschein
Lyrics:Günter Loose
Composer(s):Günter Loose
Conductor:Mario Robbiani
Backings:Manuela Felice
Thomas Wild
Walter Zweifel
Running order:17
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