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Prima Donna

© Nationaal Archief, Den Haag

Group members:Kate Robbins
Jane Robbins
Danny Finn
Sally-Ann Triplett
Alan Coates
Lance Aston
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1980
ESC Entries:Love enough for two (1980)


The group Prima Donna was especially formed in order to take part in ‘A Song For Europe’, the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1980. After the voting in ‘A Song For Europe’, there was a tie between Maggie Moone and Prima Donna, so every single regional jury had to vote again. Prima Donna came out as the winners and represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest. After Eurovision, they released another single, “Just got to be you”, but every member decided to go his or her own way. Sally Ann Triplett returned to Eurovision in 1982 with the duo Bardo. Lance Aston was in the national selection of 1983 as a member of the group Audio. Alan Coates continued a career as a songwriter. Kate Robbins had a succesful career as a singer, actress and comedian. Danny (real name Kevin) Finn periodically toured the UK with wife Eve Graham, and later set up a theme park design company. Finn sadly passed away in february 2016.


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Prima Donna
Song:Love enough for two
Lyrics:Stephanie de Sykes
Stuart Slater
Composer(s):Stephanie de Sykes
Stuart Slater
Conductor:John Coleman
Running order:13