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Pierre Rapsat

Name:Pierre Raepsaet
National Finals:Belgian national final 1976
ESC Entries:Judy et Cie.


Pierre Rapsat, born Pierre Raepsaet in Ixelles (Brussels) on May 28, 1948 and died in Verviers (Belgium) on April 20, 2002, is a Belgian singer-songwriter. After playing in different bands (The Cheats, The Dukes, Laurelie, Jenghiz Khan) 1, he began a solo career in 1973. In 1976, he represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest the song “Judy et Cie.” In 1982, with 30,000 copies sold, the album “Lâchez les fauves”, is his first big success in French-speaking Belgium.
In 1984, Pierre Rapsat presented two outdoor shows with his group Transfer on the scenes of the Quebec City Summer Festival.  While Rapsat is present on the Quebec airwaves, however, it remains for a difficult time for his fans in Quebec to find his records in store, except via special import. Ligne claire confirms a brief recognition in Quebec in the fall of 1984, while the song “Décalage Horaire” is played regularly on the radio. In 1986, he gave his first concert at Forest National in Brussels. In 2001, Rapsat released the album “Dazibao”. The same year, the album “Le vent se lève”, the singer Curt Close signed at Warner France and ranked in the French Top 50, comes out in the Francophonie, with several songs co-written by Pierre Rapsat. Pierre Rapsat will not taste much of this success: suffering from cancer, he died April 20, 2002 at the age of 53 years. 
In 2002, the Prix Québec / Wallonie-Bruxelles, created in 1984, was renamed the Prix Rapsat-Lelièvre in honor of Pierre Rapsat and Sylvain Lelièvre, two talented artists who died a few days apart.


Artist:Pierre Rapsat
Song:Judy et Cie.
Lyrics:Eric van Hulse
Composer(s):Pierre Rapsat
Conductor:Michel Bernholc
Backings:Georges Costa
Michel Costa
3 musicians, names unknown
Running order:6