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Peter Nalitch & Friends


Quick Facts

Peter Andreyevich Nalitch

30 April 1981

🇷🇺 Russian

National Selection
Evrovidenie 2010

In Eurovision
2010 Oslo

Lost And Forgotten (2010)


Youth and education

Peter Nalitch, born on April 30, 1981, is a Russian musician and composer. Peter graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI) in 2003, showcasing his aptitude in both technical and creative fields.

However, music was an ever-present force in Peter’s life. His paternal grandfather, Zahid Omerovich Nalitch, was a renowned lyric tenor and broadcaster for the Yugoslav section of Moscow Radio, instilling in Peter an early appreciation for music. Zahid’s life story, marked by war and resilience, deeply influenced Peter. His grandfather, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, faced severe hardships during World War II, including the loss of his singing ability due to a tragic injury. This legacy of perseverance and passion for music became a cornerstone of Peter’s identity.

Peter’s formal music education began at the Myaskovsky Children’s Music School, followed by studies at the Music College of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory and the Orpheus studio under Irina Mukhina. In 2010, he further honed his skills by entering the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, specializing in Academic Singing.

Early career

Nalitch’s music career took a significant leap in 2007 when he uploaded a self-made music video for his song “Guitar” on YouTube. The video quickly went viral, amassing 70,000 views in a month. This unexpected success led to his first public concert on November 9, 2007, at the Apshu club in Moscow. Following this, Peter formed the “Musical Collective of Peter Nalitch” (MKPN), which quickly gained popularity with successful concerts and a growing fan base.

Between 2007 and 2010, MKPN toured extensively across Russia, supporting national sports teams at major events like the European Football Championship and the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Their first album, “Joy of Simple Melodies,” was released in 2008, followed by a concert film and maxi-single “Sea.”


In 2010, Peter Nalitch and his band represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with the song “Lost and Forgotten.” Their heartfelt performance earned them 11th place, cementing Peter’s reputation on the international stage. Eurovision was a pivotal moment in Peter’s career, exposing him to a wider audience and solidifying his status as a versatile artist.

2010 – 2018

Following Eurovision, Peter continued to diversify his musical repertoire. He ventured into classical opera, performing roles such as Rodolfo in Puccini’s “La Bohème” and Lensky in Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin.” He also released several more albums, including “Merry Baboons” (2010) and “Goldfish” (2012), showcasing his evolving musical style.

Peter’s innovative spirit led to the creation of albums like “Kitchen” (2013), featuring songs in the fictional Babur language, and “Reflections in Puddles” (2018), funded through crowdfunding. His involvement in multimedia projects, such as composing for the RT channel’s “Romanovs100” project, further highlights his versatility.

From 2018 onwards, Peter’s career continued to flourish. On November 9, 2018, he released his eighth album “Reflections in Puddles,” which featured complex arrangements performed by a chamber orchestra. The album was funded by a successful crowdfunding campaign on

2019 – 2024

In 2019, Peter’s work on the RT multimedia project “Romanovs100” received significant recognition, earning a shortlist position for Clio Music in the “Best Use of Original Music” category and winning the Original Music award at the 2019 New York Festival TV & Film Awards. Additionally, he composed the soundtrack for the film “Call Me Drozd,” which premiered in December 2020 and received accolades at several film festivals.

The same year, Nalitch participated in the All-Russian competition for young composers “The Score of the Future,” where he was awarded the first prize in the “Composition for Voice and Piano” category. In December 2019, he also performed at the opening of the independent opera house — the Moscow Opera House (MOD), taking on the role of Vaudémont in Tchaikovsky’s “Iolanta.”

2020 saw the release of Peter’s ninth album “Morra” on October 23. Initially announced as a maxi-single, it expanded into a full-length album with 14 tracks, all funded through a crowdfunding campaign. The album’s presentation took place on December 19 at the Gorbunov Palace of Culture.

In 2021, Peter released his first vinyl record, which included 11 tracks from his “Morra” album. He also contributed to the soundtrack of the film “Call Me Drozd,” which faced delays due to the pandemic but was well-received upon its eventual release. In May 2021, the film was presented at the V International Film Festival named after Vyacheslav Tikhonov in Pavlovsky Posad.

Peter’s tenth album, “Pirates’ Songs,” was released on November 25, 2021, funded by his supporters on This album continued his tradition of blending various musical styles and exploring new creative territories.

In 2022, Peter released his eleventh album “VIVAMUS” on February 4, again funded by a crowdfunding campaign. He was also recognized as the laureate of the first prize at the First All-Russian Competition for Composition and Instrumentation for the Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments.

In 2023, Peter appeared on the TV show “My Hero” with Tatyana Ustinova, and in May, he defended his diploma at the Gnessin Academy by performing the suite “Oblomov’s Marshes” for symphony orchestra, choir, and soloists. His compositions continued to captivate audiences, with premieres of new works like “Diary of an Old Master” and his participation in significant cultural events.

In 2024, Peter released his twelfth album “Vanya, the Bird, and the Striped Shirt” on April 12, featuring 55 tracks and created in collaboration with Herman Mogilevsky. The album’s concert version premiered on April 26 and 27 at the Central House of Architects in Moscow.


Lost And Forgotten

🇷🇺 Russia



Peter Nalitch

Peter Nalitch

Yuri Kostenko
Sergey Sokolov
Kostya Shvetsov
Dima Simonov
Denis Marinkin

Results Semi

Points: 74
Position: 7
Running order: 2

Results Finals

Points: 90
Position: 11
Running order: 20