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Peter Horten

Name:Peter Müller
National Finals:German national final 1972, 1975
ESC Entries:Warum es hunderttausend Sterne gibt (1967)


Austrian singer Peter Horton began his career singing in the Wiener Sängerknaben. He first performed with the choir in 1951. At 18, he had his first stage show as a singer. He did recitals from Franz Schubert to Carl Loewe to Richard Strauss. His first single was released in 1965. He sang in the first beat opera in the world in 1967 in Berlin. In the same year he represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest. He toured in the United States with his one-man show, appearing in Japan, Brazil and Chile.
He also tried his luck twice in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest: in 1972 with “Wann kommt der Morgen”,  in 1975 with “Am Fuß der Leiter”.
From 1978 to 1984 he played in the duo Guitarissimo with Sigi Schwab. In 1985 he founded the duo Symphonic Fingers with the German-Bulgarian pianist and singer Slava Kantcheff, with whom he was also married for nine years. In 1982, the Musikhochschule Hamburg engaged him as a lecturer. Peter Horton also gave seminars for school musicians.
His first book with aphorisms, “Die andere Saite”, was published by Peter Horton in 1978. So far nine others have followed.
Since 2011, Peter Horton plays in a band called Guitarissimo XL.


Artist:Peter Horten
Song:Warum es hunderttausend Sterne gibt
Lyrics:Karin Bognar
Composer(s):Kurt Peche
Conductor:Johannes Fehring
Running order:3