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© EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett About Quick Facts NameAnna Saba Lykke Oehlenschlæger Born1997 Nationality🇩🇰 Danish National SelectionDansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongSand (2024) Biography Anna Saba Lykke Oehlenschlæger, who performs under the single name Saba (presented in uppercase), is a Danish singer, actor and model. Born Anna Saba Lykke Oehlenschlæger, she and her twin, Andrea Lykke Oehlenschlæger, were adopted from Ethiopia when they were just eight months old, growing up in Ringkøbing, Jutland. In the year 2018, Oehlenschlæger shared her diagnosis of bipolar I disorder, having been admitted to the hospital multiple times until 2020. This part of her life was detailed in the documentary produced by DR in 2020 titled “Min sindssyge tvilling” (My Insane Twin). Her teenage years were also marked by instances of self-harm. She currently serves as an ambassador for the Danish Depression Association. Saba left high school prematurely and, along with her sister, relocated to Copenhagen. There, she embarked on a career as a model and an entrepreneur in the teeth whitening industry, while her sister sought a career in singing and musical theater. Saba made her first appearance as a musical theatre actress, as a non-stunt performer, on 23 February 2023. She stepped in for her sister Andrea, who was pregnant at the time, in the role of Dionne in the musical Hair at the Østre Gasværk Teater. Her significant career milestone came on 25 January 2024, when she was announced as one of the contestants in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024, Denmark’s selection event for the Eurovision Song Contest. She secured her position as Denmark’s representative at the contest by winning the final on 17 February 2024, with her song “Sand.” Unfortunately, Saba didn’t make it to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Entries Sand Country🇩🇰 Denmark Year2024 LanguageEnglish LyricsJonas ThanderMelanie WehbePil Kalinka Nygaard Jeppesen MusicJonas ThanderMelanie WehbePil Kalinka Nygaard Jeppesen BackingsMelanie Wehbe Results Semi Points: 36Position: 12Running order: 7 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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©EBU/Alma Bengtsson About Quick Facts NameIsaak Guderian Born1996 Nationality🇩🇪 German National SelectionDas Deutsche Finale 2024 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongAlways On The Run (2024) Biography Isaak Guderian is a German singer and musical actor, born in Minden in 1996 and raised in Costedt. His musical journey began early, nurtured by his family’s musical background, where he quickly took to learning the guitar and piano. From the tender age of twelve, Guderian ventured into street music, courageously sharing his initial songs with the public. His musical prowess caught wider attention at 15 when he participated in the X Factor TV casting show, captivating audiences with his rendition of Oasis’s “Wonderwall”. Embarking on a solo career at 18, Guderian performed at various events and parties. However, the pandemic’s event bans forced him into a period of reliance on Hartz IV, Germany’s unemployment benefits. A turning point came in 2021 when Guderian triumphed in the Show your Talent online talent show, leading to a successful career earning from streaming platforms and his YouTube channel, where even the megastar Pink has praised his abilities, commenting, “Wow, this boy can sing.” Guderian’s discography includes hits like “Water to the Seed” and “Impact,” each surpassing a million streams on Amazon. His latest collaboration with DJ David Puentez, “Baby Steps,” soared to the top of the iTunes charts. In 2024, Guderian won the German selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with his song “Always On The Run.” The song reached a 12th place in the Grand Final of Eurovision. Currently, Guderian resides in Valdorf, Westphalia, with his wife Loreen and their two sons, where he continues to inspire with his musical talent. Entries Always On The Run Country🇩🇪 Germany Year2024 LanguageEnglish LyricsGreg TaroIsaak GuderianLostLeo Jupiter MusicGreg TaroIsaak GuderianKevin LehrLeo Salminen BackingsAfra BoboFabian HauptGreg TaroNick March Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 117Position: 12Running order: 3

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In the Spotlight: Angelina Mango

Angelina Mango

© EBU/Alma Bengtsson About Quick Facts NameAngelina Mango Born10 April 2001 Nationality🇮🇹 Italian National SelectionFestival di Sanremo 2024 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongLa noia (2024) Biography Born in Maratea on April 10, 2001, Angelina Mango has established herself as a prominent Italian singer-songwriter. As the daughter of Pino Mango, notably recognized as Mango, and Laura Valente, the former vocalist for Matia Bazar, Angelina was raised in Lagonegro within the Potenza province alongside her elder brother Filippo, who was born in 1995. Music runs deep in their family, with both siblings passionately embracing their musical heritage. Angelina’s early musical influences include iconic acts such as the Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Aretha Franklin, alongside a profound respect for the late 16th to early 17th-century compositions, particularly from the Venetian school composers like Giovanni Gabrieli and Carlo Gesualdo, known for their polyphonic sacred music and madrigals. Her academic journey led her to a scientific high school in September 2014, which she later paused due to her father’s untimely demise. The family moved to Milan in 2016, where she not only pursued her education further but also ventured into music, performing in a band with her brother on drums. Angelina’s musical career took a significant leap forward with the release of her debut single “Va tutto bene” on November 13, 2020, setting the stage for her first EP “Monolocale.” The following year saw her opening for Giovanni Caccamo and Michele Placido on the “Parola Tour,” in addition to showcasing her talent during the Milan Music Week in November 2021. Despite participating in the Sanremo Giovani with the track “La tua buona colazione,” she didn’t make it to the final round. Her collaboration with Sony Music and producer Enrico Brun in 2022 marked a new phase in her career, participating in the Concerto del Primo Maggio and winning the Live Award at “Musica da bere.” This period also saw the release of singles like “Formica,” “Walkman” (produced by Tiziano Ferro), and “Rituali” (featuring Nashley). In September 2022, she appeared on the Rai 3 show “Via dei Matti nº0.” Angelina’s talents shone through during her stint on the twenty-second season of “Amici di Maria De Filippi,” broadcast on Canale 5, where she not only secured second place but also dominated the singing category. Her achievements on the show included opening for Elisa and performing at the “Capodanno in musica” concert. She released “Voglia di vivere” and “Mani vuote” during her time on “Amici,” followed by “Ci pensiamo domani” on May 12, 2023, which preluded her EP “Voglia di vivere,” released a week later. The EP quickly rose to second on the FIMI Album Chart, earning a gold record, while the lead single emerged as a summer anthem, achieving triple platinum status. She graced several major festivals in mid-2023, including “Battiti Live” and “TIM Summer Hits.” On October 1, 2023, Angelina previewed “Che t’o dico a fa’” on “Amici di Maria De Filippi,” officially releasing it five days later to platinum acclaim. Her “Voglia di vivere” Tour commenced on October 12, 2023, in Naples, achieving sold-out status across Italy, coinciding with the release of “Fila indiana” for the “Noi siamo leggenda” TV series soundtrack. Her successful entry into the 74th Sanremo Festival was announced on December 3, 2023, where she performed “La noia” from February 6 to 10, 2024. A highlight was her rendition of “La rondine,” a nod to her father’s legacy, performed with the Orchestra of Rome’s string quartet. Angelina clinched the top spot on February 11, 2024, outperforming Geolier and Annalisa with their respective entries. By winning the festival of Sanremo, Angelina became first choice to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest. She accepted the challenge. “La Noia” was one of the favourites in the betting odds. In the end, she ended up in 7th place. Entries La Noia Country🇮🇹 Italy Year2024 LanguageItalian LyricsAngelina MangoFrancesca Calearo MusicAngelina MangoDario FainiFrancesca Calearo DancersArianna ForteFlaminia GenoeseKelly De NigroMartina ToderiValentina Vernia Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 268Position: 7Running order: 15

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© EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett About Quick Facts NameArtūrs Šingirejs Born10 April 1984 Nationality🇱🇻 Latvian National SelectionSupernova 2024Dziesma 2014Eirodziesma 2010 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongHollow (2024) Biography Artūrs Šingirejs (born 10 April 1984), better known as Dons, is a Latvian singer and songwriter. He has achieved remarkable success with the release of eight solo albums, securing multiple accolades, including winning the Latvijas Radio’s Muzikālās Banka (translated as ‘Musical Bank’) Song of the Year award five times. At the Latvian Music Recording Awards, his albums Varanasi (2014) and Tūrists (2020) have each earned him the Best Pop Album title, out of five nominations. His album Lelle (2008) garnered him the Best Rock Album award from two nominations, and Signāls (2013) received a nomination for Best Pop-Rock Album. In 2024, he emerged victorious in the Supernova song competition with his English single “Hollow,” earning him the opportunity to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Prior to this, he had twice aimed to represent Latvia at Eurovision with the tracks “My Religion is Freedom” (2010) and “Pēdējā Vēstule” (2014), finishing as the runner-up in the Latvian national finals on both occasions. Originating from Saldus, Latvia, Dons kick-started his career on the Latvian reality show Talantu Fabrikā (meaning ‘Talent Factory’) in 2003. He released a duet album titled Viens Otram (2004) with Lily (real name Linda Kalniņa, married in 2009 and divorced in 2013) following their participation in the show. His debut solo album, Lights On (2006), was predominantly in English, marking the beginning of his successful career. He then continued to release seven subsequent albums in Latvian: Lelle (2008), Signāls (2013), Varanasi (2014), Sibīrija (2015), Tepat (2016), Namiņš. Kaste. Vārdi (2018), and Tūrists (2020). While performing internationally, he has adopted the stage names Art Green and Art Singer. When he represented Latvia in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest with his song “Hollow”, Dons managed to reach the Grand Final. He ended up in 16th place there. Entries Hollow Country🇱🇻 Latvia Year2024 LanguageEnglish LyricsArtūrs ŠingirejsKate NorthropLiam Geddes MusicArtūrs ŠingirejsKate NorthropLiam Geddes BackingsKrists IndrišonoksLiam Geddes Results Semi Points: 72Position: 9Running order: 7 Results Finals  Points: 64Position: 16Running order: 11

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©EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett About Quick Facts NameTeemu Keisteri Born22 August 1985 Nationality🇫🇮 Finnish National SelectionUuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2024 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongNo rules! (2024) Biography Teemu Keisteri, born in 1985 in Espoo, is a distinguished Finnish visual artist based in Helsinki. His fame largely stems from the creation of the Ukkeli character in the summer of 2008, a figure prominently featured on apparel, postcards, and tableware. Additionally, he is recognized for his persona as the Windows 95 man during his performances as a DJ. Keisteri explores cultural trends and the nuances of Finnish lifestyle with a distinct sense of humor, frequently incorporating his own persona into his work. His academic background includes studying photography at the Lahti Institute of Design, where he came to the realization that his true calling was in visual arts rather than photography. Beyond his work in visual arts, Keisteri has made a name for himself as a video artist and DJ. He operates Kalleria, his own gallery, located in the Kallio area of Helsinki. In a notable achievement, Keisteri and Henri Piispanen, performing together. Keisteri under the alias Windows95man. They clinched the title at the 2024 Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) with their track “No Rules”. Henri Piispanen, born in 1994, is a prominent Finnish voice actor, singer, and presenter. His notable contributions include voicing characters such as Vainu in PAW Patrol, Lloyd in Lego Ninjago, Samu in Samu ja Salla, and Lauri in The Happy Robinson Family movie. Additionally, Piispanen is the lead vocalist and bass player for the band named Pasa. In 2012, he was featured as one of the seven hosts on the television series Summeri. The song, “No rules”, managed to reach the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. In the final itself, Teemu and Henri reached a 19th place. Entries No rules! Country🇸🇲 Country Yearyear Language🇬🇧 English LyricsHenri PiispanenJussi RoineTeemu Keisteri MusicHenri PiispanenJussi RoineTeemu Keisteri BackingsHenri Piispanen DancersJesse WijnansMatti Maxim Results Semi Points: 59Position: 7Running order: 10 Results Finals Points: 38Position: 19Running order: 17

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Eden Golan

© EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett About Quick Facts NameEden Golan Born2003 Nationality🇮🇱 Israel National SelectionHaKokhav Haba In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongHurricane (2024) Biography Eden Golan is an Israeli singer. She was born in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, on October 5, 2003.  Eden’s early years were transformative. At five and a half, she relocated with her family to Moscow, Russia—a move that proved to be a significant challenge. In Moscow, she faced social isolation, primarily because her Israeli identity was not warmly received. Eden recounts how her peers, unwilling to call her by her name, referred to her as “Natasha” instead. Eden’s musical career began to take shape with notable participations. In 2015, she competed in the Russian pre-selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with “Schastye,” securing the fifth place. Her ambition led her to The Voice Kids Russia in 2018, where she chose Pelageya as her mentor and performed “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna. Despite a strong performance, she did not place in the top three. Returning to Israel in 2022, Eden released “Ghost Town,” a collaborative effort with Lithuanian producer Lucky Luke, achieving approximately 700,000 Spotify streams. She continued to release music, including “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” with TYMMA and singles “Taxi” and “DOPAMINE” in 2023. Her participation in the reality show “Seeing the Voice” showcased her talent, though she was eliminated early. 2024 marked a significant milestone in Eden’s career as she participated in “The Next Star for Eurovision” decade season. Her audition performance of “Rise Up” by Andra Day earned her an unprecedented 100% score, making her a favorite. She impressed both judges and audiences with renditions of “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston and “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith, ultimately winning the competition. Eden Golan is now poised to represent Israel at Eurovision 2024. Her entry was controversial: the lyrics of the song, originally titled “October rain”, where rejected by the EBU. Another text was also rejected; after that Israeli broadcaster changed the lyrics of “October rain”, now titled “Hurricane”. It became the Israeli entry. Controversy kept on around the song; protests against the participation of Israel kept going on. The song was bood a lot in the hall, although the broadcasters tried to cover it with an applause tape. Israel won the televote in the semifinal. In the Grand Final Israel reached a 5th place. Entries Hurricane Country🇮🇱 Israel Year2024 LanguageEnglishHebrew LyricsKeren PelesStav Beger MusicAvi OhionKeren Peles DancersIrad AvniLia GissinMichal FitoussiReches ItzhakiTamir Golan Results Semi Points: 194Position: 1Running order: 14 Results Finals Points: 375Position: 5Running order: 6

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Jerry Heil

©EBU/Alma Bengtsson About Quick Facts NameYana Oleksandrivna Shemayeva Born21 October 1995 Nationality🇺🇦 Ukrainian National SelectionVidbir 2024Vidbir 2020 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongTeresa & Maria (& Alyona Alyona) Biography Yana Oleksandrivna Shemayeva, widely recognized by her stage name Jerry Heil, is an accomplished Ukrainian singer, songwriter, and YouTuber, born on October 21, 1995. Shemayeva’s early years unfolded in Vasylkiv, located on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, where her parents are engaged in private trading. Her musical education spanned notable institutions, including the R. Glier Kyiv Institute of Music and the Kyiv Conservatory, where she honed her skills. Initial Steps At 15, Heil adopted her stage name, initially choosing Jerry Mouse after the famous cartoon character, before switching to Heil based on an arbitrary American surname she encountered online. She humorously reflects on the origin of her stage name as “moronic.” In 2012, Heil ventured into the digital world by launching a YouTube channel, where she shared vlogs and song covers, earning acclaim from fans and musicians alike, including Okean Elzy’s lead, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk. 2017 marked a turning point in Heil’s career when she signed with Vidlik Records, embarking on a professional journey with the guidance of the label’s founders and leading to the release of her debut EP, De miy dim, in October 2017. Her audition for X-Factor Ukraine in 2018 saw her progressing through the competition, though she did not win. This experience fueled her return to music, releasing singles including “Kava” and “Postil,” with the latter featuring her first music video. 2019 was a pivotal year for Heil, previewing her hit single “Okhrana, otmyena” on Instagram before its official release, which quickly became a sensation in Ukraine. Her debut album Ya, Yana, followed, showcasing her songwriting and performing prowess. Heil’s engagement with the Eurovision Song Contest began with Vidbir 2020, where her entry “Vegan” reached the final. She continued to participate in Vidbir, finishing third in 2023 with “When God Shut the Door” and winning Vidbir 2024 alongside Alyona Alyona with “Teresa & Maria,” setting the stage for their Eurovision 2024 representation. The song reached a 3rd place in the Grand Final of the contest. Heil is multilingual, proficient in Ukrainian, Russian, and English, and chooses to perform primarily in Ukrainian. A committed vegan, her lifestyle reflects in her personal and professional choices. In August 2018, Heil faced legal challenges over copyright infringement related to her use of “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. The ensuing dispute with Komp Music Publishing, a licensee of Universal Music Group in Ukraine, led to a temporary removal of her YouTube channel. However, through negotiations facilitated by AIR Music, the fines were reduced, and an agreement was reached, allowing Heil to continue her musical endeavors online. Entries Teresa & Maria (with Alyona Alyona) Country🇺🇦 Ukraine Year2024 LanguageUkrainian LyricsAlyona SavranenkoYana Shemaeva MusicAnton ChilibiIvan Klymenko Backings– Results Semi Points: 173Position: 2Running order: 5 Results Finals Points: 453Position: 3Running order: 2

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Alyona Alyona

EBU/Alma Bengtsson About Quick Facts NameAliona Alehivna Savranenko Born14 June 1991 Nationality🇺🇦 Ukrainian National SelectionVidbir 2024 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongTeresa & Maria (& Jerry Heil) Biography Aliona Olehivna Savranenko, known professionally as Alyona Alyona, is a distinguished Ukrainian rapper and songwriter, born on June 14, 1991. Originating from Kapitanivka, Novomyrhorod Raion, in Kirovohrad Oblast, Savranenko is a holder of two bachelor’s degrees, one of which she earned from the Gregory Skovoroda Pedagogical State University of Pereiaslav. Prior to her music career, she dedicated herself to teaching, initially working at kindergarten. After four years in the education sector, Savranenko stepped away from teaching as her music career began to take off. Alyona Alyona at Haldern Pop Festival 2019, Germany Alyona’s journey into rap began in the mid-2000s, initially performing under the stage name Alyona Al.kaida. Her quest for a broader audience took a significant leap forward when, under her now-familiar moniker, she released her debut music video for the song “Rybky” in October 2018. This was followed by a second, professionally directed video for the same song later that month, and then by the video for “Holovy”  in November, which achieved one million YouTube views within its first month. Further releases included the music videos for “Vidchynyai” and “Zalyshayu sviy dim”, the latter symbolizing her departure from her hometown, Baryshivka. Her career saw rapid expansion in 2019, marked by the release of her first album, Pushka, in April, featuring a mix of previously released and new songs, including a notable collaboration with Alina Pash on “Padlo” . Alyona Alyona’s unique approach to music and storytelling garnered her praise as “Ukraine’s most unlikely rap star” in that month’s Vogue. She continued to make her mark with performances at major festivals, such as the Sziget Festival in Budapest, and contributions to significant projects, including writing the lyrics for “Vilna”, performed by Tina Karol and Julia Sanina for the soundtrack of the Ukrainian film Viddana. In 2020, Alyona Alyona signed with Def Jam Polska, further solidifying her international presence. The following year, she received the Public Choice Award at the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards contest and participated as part of the Ukrainian jury for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Her most recent achievement includes winning the Ukrainian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 alongside Jerry Heil with their song “Teresa & Maria,” highlighting her continued influence and success in the music industry. The song reached a 3rd place in the Grand Final of the contest. Entries Teresa & Maria (with Jerry Heil) Country🇺🇦 Ukraine Year2024 LanguageUkrainian LyricsAlyona SavranenkoYana Shemaeva MusicAnton ChilibiIvan Klymenko Backings– Results Semi Points: 173Position: 2Running order: 5 Results Finals Points: 453Position: 3Running order: 2

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Sarah Bonnici

©EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett About Quick Facts NameSarah Bonnici Born30 May 1998 Nationality🇲🇹 Maltese National SelectionMalta Eurovision Song Contest 2024Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022X-Factor Malta 2019 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongLoop (2024) Biography Sarah Bonnici is a Maltese singer. She was born on Gozo May 30 1988. She is the daughter of Marcel Bonnici, who holds the positions of CEO at Mercury Towers and Ħamrun Spartans. She boasts a Master’s degree in Accountancy. In the realm of her career, Bonnici received guidance from Miriam Christine from her early days. She made her mark in 2009 by securing the third position at the Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which served as the national qualifier for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that year. Her prowess continued to shine through in 2010 when she clinched the top spot in her age category at the 4th edition of the L-Għanja Tal-Maltin Song Festival with a Miriam Christine-composed piece, also earning the Best Voice title within the festival. Her participation in the same year’s Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest with “Kitty Kitty Cat” landed her in 7th place, which paved the way for her to support Malta’s entry, Nicole Azzopardi, as a dancer at the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. During her teenage years, Bonnici expanded her musical endeavors beyond Malta, engaging in various international song contests such as the Trixie Festival in Bulgaria, the Carpathians Star Festival in Romania, and the Star to Born Festival in Hungary. She achieved first place in her category at the Ti Amo Festival in Romania, where she also bagged the Original Song Category prize with “Vivrà ancora”. Bonnici took part in the X Factor Malta in 2018, showcasing her versatile talent. Her journey continued at the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022, where she performed “Heaven” by Aidan and finished 12th in the final. Her musical journey took a promising turn on 18 October 2023, when she was revealed as a contender for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with her song “Loop”, set to perform in the first semi-final show on 27 October. Progressing through the competition, she was announced as a finalist in late November, ultimately winning the jury vote and finishing first overall with 102 points during the final on 3 February 2024. This victory earned her the honor of representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Unfortunately, Sarah Bonnici didn’t manage to make it to the final. Entries Loop Country🇲🇹 Malta Year2024 LanguageEnglish LyricsJoy DebbKevin LeeLeire Gotxi AngelLinnea DebbMichael Joe CiniSarah BonniciSebastian Pritchard-James MusicJohn Emil JohanssonJoy DebbKevin LeeLeire Gotxi AngelLinnea DebbMatthew James BorgMichael Joe CiniSarah BonniciSebastian Pritchard-James BackingsJamie BellMatt JordanVictor AllenWilliam Almeida Results Semi Points: 13Position: 16Running order: 1 Results Finals Points: –Position: –Running order: –

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© EBU/Alma Bengtsson About Quick Facts MembersMery BasMark Dasousa Founded2018 Nationality🇪🇸 Spanish National SelectionBenidorm Fest 2024Una Voce Per San Marino 2022 In Eurovision2024 Malmö SongZorra (2024) Biography Nebulossa is an electropop duo hailing from Ondara, Spain, consisting of vocalist María “Mery” Bas, born in 1968, and keyboardist and producer Mark Dasousa, born in 1974. The formation of Nebulossa was a fact in 2018. The duo’s name, inspired by nebulae, came about after a visit to an astronomical observatory during a trip to Port Ainé where nebulae were a frequent topic of discussion. The spelling of their name with a double “s” pays homage to the Valencian language, distinguishing it despite the standard spelling with a single “s” in the language. Nebulossa’s discography is a testament to their evolving sound and artistic expression, beginning with their debut EP “Ufo” in 2019, followed by a series of singles that showcase their versatility and lyrical depth. In 2020, they released “La Colmena,” “Océano de Palabras,” “Armada Roja,” “Alud de Inconformismo,” and “Anoche.” The year 2021 saw the release of “Glam” and their studio album “Poliédrica de mí,” marking a milestone in their career. Their journey in music saw a notable moment in 2022 when they expanded to a trio with the addition of Ophelia Alibrando. That year, they ventured into the international music scene by participating in Una voce per San Marino, aiming for a spot in the Eurovision Song Contest representing San Marino. However, they did not advance to the final. Their creative output continued in 2022 with singles “1N84,” “Conectados,” and “Histeria De Lo Nuestro.” In 2023, they added “Me Pones a Mil,” “Cuando Te Veo,” “Me Ha Dado Porno,” and “Zorra” to their repertoire Nebulossa made a significant impact at Benidorm Fest 2024, the Spanish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. Their entry, “Zorra,” won them first place in their semifinal on January 30, 2024, and they went on to win the final, securing their place in the competition. In the Grand Final, they reached a 22nd place. Entries Zorra Country🇪🇸 Spain Year2024 LanguageSpanish LyricsMery BasMark Dasousa MusicMery BasMark Dasousa BackingsAna VillaMark Dasousa DancersCésar FerrioIosu Martinez Results Semi Points: –Position: –Running order: – Results Finals Points: 30Position: 22Running order: 8

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