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Monique Melsen

Name:Monique Melsen
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Pomme, pomme, pomme (1971)


Monique Melsen is a Luxembourgian singer and actress. She began her singing career after winning the 1969 Gesangsconcours Symphonie 69 in Ettelbruck. In the same year, their first single “Moonlight / Happy End” was released, followed by a second one in 1970.
With the third single and the song “En frappant dans tes mains”, she won the first prize of the Benelux countries at the Grand Prix RTL. Radio broadcasts and television shows followed and she had her first tour outside Luxembourg. In Greece she represented Luxembourg at the Festival of Trois Olympiades de la Chanson d’Athènes with the song “La mer mon amie”.
In 1971 she represented Luxembourg with the song “Pomme, pomme, pomme” at the Eurovision Song Contest.
In 1972 she was at a song festival in Portugal, and in 1973 at one in Bulgaria. With various songs in English language, she has solidified her international popularity. The song “Maybe the morning” was played by the BBC and it also reached the German charts.
In 1972-1974, Monique Melsen sang in the international pop group Family Tree, produced by Ralph Siegel for Germany. The group also included Donna Summer. With that group, they recorded two albums and one single. After the group split, she founded the rock group Cool Breeze in Luxembourg under the leadership of her manager Felix Schmitz. Together with Cool Breeze, Monique Melsen recorded an album and a single, presented at MIDEM, the Cannes music festival. In August 1975, the group disintegrated. Monique Melsen got married and disappeared from showbusiness.
In 1985 she appeared in the Concert fir Africa and sang in the song “Afrika”. In 1986, she recorded a single with the group What Shaw. However, she left the group again. In recent years, she has appeared in cabaret programs, where she has been particularly successful with her parodist vocal imitations of wellknown Luxembourgian artists.


Artist:Monique Melsen
Song:Pomme, pomme, pomme
Lyrics:Pierre Cour
Composer(s):Hubert Giraud
Conductor:Jean Claudric
Backings:1 singer, name unknown
Running order:8