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Mija Martina

Name:Mija Martina Barbarić
National Finals:

BH Eurosong 2003

ESC Entries:Ne brini (2003)


Mija Martina Barbarić is a Bosnian singer and TV show host who is perhaps best known for representing her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003. Born on April 26, 1984, in Metković, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Barbarić first rose to prominence in her native country as a talented vocalist. She used to work as a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Tourism and Environment of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Before her Eurovision appearance, Barbarić had been involved in music from a young age, taking part in various music contests and festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her big breakthrough came when she was selected to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest held in Riga, Latvia in 2003. Her song, “Ne brini” (Don’t Worry), was a pop ballad that ultimately finished in 16th place.

Following Eurovision, Mija Martina continued her music career, releasing singles that have been well-received in her homeland. She also developed a career as a radio and TV presenter, most notably hosting the music program “BH Eurosong Show”, which aimed to select the country’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Over the years, she has demonstrated her ability to sing in different genres, from pop ballads to uptempo dance tracks. Her music often blends contemporary pop with elements of traditional Bosnian music, creating a unique sound that is distinctly her own.



Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Artist:Mija Martina
Song:Ne brini
Lyrics:Arjana Kunštek
Composer(s):Ines Prajo


Andrej Pucarević

Dunja Galineo

Vladimir Pavelić-Bubi

Running order:6