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Maxi & Chris Garden

Group members:Chris Gärtner
Meike Gärtner
National Finals:Ein Lied für Brussel (1987), Ein Lied für Dublin (1988)
ESC Entries:Lied für einen Freund (1988)


Maxi & Chris Garden is a mother/daughter duo. The duo first caught attention when they reached the second place at the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Frieden für die Teddybär’n”. In 1988 they won the national final and represented Germany with “Lied für einen Freund”. Several international and national television performances followed. Maxi released a solo single, “I like Otto”, in 1989. After this, not much has been heard and seen of the duo.
In the year 2002 it was Meike Garden who came back to the foreground musically. After graduating from secondary school and completing a training as an art and wall painter, she studied art and musical education at the Berlin University of the Arts for two years. She received her diploma in musical and show.
Following her studies, she was a successful musical actress in various productions in Germany and Austria. In collaboration with the Berlin formation The Lady Chapel, she also proved her comedic talent in the twenties Revue “Vorsicht: Weiblich!”. A top ten chart placement came in Austria as a member of the trio Cinderella with the rock pop song “Ich kann dich heilen”. Currently, Meike Garden is performing solo with chansons, musicals and own songs in Germany. She works as a teacher at a musical school in Mainz.


Artist:Maxi & Chris Garden
Song:Lied für einen Freund
Lyrics:Bernd Meinunger
Composer(s):Ralph Siegel
Conductor:Michael Thatcher
Backings:4 musicians, names unknown
Running order:11