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Maria Guinot

Name:Maria Adelaide Fernandes Guinot Moreno
National Finals:Festival da Canção 1981, 1984
ESC Entries:Silêncio e tanta gente (1984)


Maria Guinot, was born in Lisbon  and moved to Almada. She started learning piano at the age of 4. She completed the course at the Conservatory and joined the Gulbenkian Choir three years later. In 1968 she performed in a radio show, which eventually led to the recording of her debut single. She also releases a second single with the title “Criança Loura”. After this, she stayed away from music for several years, until the 1980s, when she took 3rd place at the 1981 Festival da Canção, with the song “Um Adeus, Um Recomeço”. She took part in the Commercial Radio Song Festival. In 1984 she won Festival da Canção with “Silêncio e tanta gente”. She represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song “Homenagem às Mães da Praça de Maio” is included in the double album “Cem Anos de Maio”, released in 1986. In 1987 she published another album. For that year’s Festival da canção, she wrote the lyrics for “Imaginem Só”, performed by Ana Alves. 
In 1999, a book called “Histórias do Fado”, was published. It was written by Maria Guinot, Ruben de Carvalho and José Manuel Osorio.
In 2004, Maria Guinot launched the book “Memórias de um Espermatozóide Irrequieto”, which also includes an unpublished CD called “Tudo Passa”.
Since 2010 she had stopped playing the piano after three strokes. She died of a Respiratory tract infection on November 3, 2018 at the age of 73.


Artist:Maria Guinot
Song:Silêncio e tanta gente
Lyrics:Maria Guinot
Composer(s):Maria Guinot
Conductor:Pedro Osorio
Backings:Inês Martins
Running order:19