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Manuela Bravo

Name:Maria Manuela de Oliveira Moreira Bravo
National Finals:Festival da Canção
ESC Entries:Sobe, sobe, balão sobe (1979)


Manuela Bravo is a Portuguese singer. She first performed on a children’s song contest when she was only five years old. In January 1974 she released her first single, with two songs by José Cid, “Nova Geração” and “Another Time”, where he appears accompanied by Quartet 1111. The follow up of this single came in 1975: “Tínhamos Vinte Anos”. A few singles followed, and in 1979 she won the RTP Festival da Canção with the song “Sobe, sobe, balão sobe”. She represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem. She studied law at that time, which was the reason she denied several invitations from outside Portugal to perform. However, in Portugal she kept on releasing singles. In 1980, she had a big hit with the song “Recordações”. 
A big change in style came in 1985, when she started to release covers of German songs. In 1986, she scored a hit again called “”O Meu Herói”.
Manuela Bravo stopped releasing singles but kept on making albums. In 1996, she he recorded a fado album in honor of his father Loubet Bravo, who was a famous fado singer in Coimbra. For about 10 months, in 1999 and 2000, played the role of Celeste Rodrigues in the musical “Amália”. In 2005 she participated in the project ‘Musicattos best of Brodway’.


Artist:Manuela Bravo
Song:Sobe, sobe, balão sobe
Lyrics:Carlos Nobrega e Sousa
Composer(s):Carlos Nobrega e Sousa
Conductor:Thilo Krasmann
Backings:Lia Senna
3 others, names unknown
Running order:1