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Mabel (DK)

Group members:Chris Have
Andy Larsen
Peter Nielsen
Mike Tramp
National Finals:Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1978, 1979
ESC Entries:Boom Boom (1978)


Mabel was a Danish band. The three original members of the band, Peter Nielsen, Otto Kulmbak (Andy Larsen) and Chris Have all attended Stenløse Centralskole and first appeared in Stenløse Ungdomsklub in 1967.  In 1975 Gert von Magnus joined the band, but after a short time  he left. He was replaced by only 15-year-old Michael Trempenau, who was born and raised in Vesterbro, but moved to Byvej in Stenløse, where the band lived. In 1978, for the first time in 12 years, the Danish Melodi Grand Prix was held, with Mabel participating with the song “Boom Boom”. Mabel won the competition and therefore took part in the Eurovision Song Contest the same year. The renewed Danish participation in the competition attracted a great deal of interest, and expectations for “the young” boy band Mabel were high. Mabel achieved 16th place out of 20 participating countries. After the Melodi Grand Prix, the band gained great popularity and therefore moved first to Spain and then to the United States, where they both changed names, from Mabel to Studs, and the style of music, from pop to metal. Michael Trempenau changed his name to Mike Tramp. Mabel split up in 1983. Mike Tramp later played in the groups White Lion and Freak of Nature as well as solo. 


Song:Boom Boom
Lyrics:Chris Have
Andy Larsen
Peter Nielsen
Mike Tramp
Composer(s):Chris Have
Andy Larsen
Peter Nielsen
Mike Tramp
Conductor:Helmer Olesen
Backings:Michael Elo
another singer, name unknown
Running order:16