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Lill Lindfors & Svante Thuresson

Groupmembers:Lill Lindfors & Svante Thuresson
National Finals:Melodifestivalen 1966
ESC Entries:Nygammal vals eller hip man svinaherde (1966)


Lill Lindfors (Helsinki, 12 May 1940) is a Swedish-speaking Finnish singer.  Since the 60s, she has regularly appeared on TV and radio and performed in the review.  On the side of Svante Thuresson she won with the song Nygammal vals Melodifestivalen and was thus able to go to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1966 for Sweden. In 1985, after the second Swedish victory, she presented the Eurovision Song Contest.  At the beginning she sang a song. After the songs, she returned to the stage in a green dress, but it got stuck and she lost the bottom part, leaving her on the stage with bare legs. However, this had all been orchestrated, and as the crowd was in turmoil, Lindfors rolled down the top of her dress and a white gala dress appeared, on which she received a loud applause.

 Svante Thuresson (Stockholm, 7 February 1937) was a Swedish jazz singer. In the following years, Thuresson would participate several times in the Swedish preselection but without victory. He passed away on 10 May 2021.



Artist:Lill Lindfors & Svante Thuresson
Song:Nygammal vals eller hip man svinaherde
Lyrics:Björn Lindroth
Composer(s):Bengt-Arne Wallin
Conductor:Gert-Ove Andersson
Running order:10
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