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Klips ve Onlar

Group members:Gür Akad
Derya Bozkurt
Emre Tukur
Sevingül Bahadır
Candan Erçetin
National Finals:Turkish national final 1986, 1989, 1991
ESC Entries:Halley (1986)


Klips ve Onlar was a Turkish band in the 1980s. They were formed out of two seperated bands: Klips and Onlar. Klips was founded by Gür Akad. The main members of the band were Akad on guitar and vocals, İlkin Deniz on bass guitar, Derya Bozkurt on drums and Emre Tukur on keyboard. In 1984, Levent Yurtseven was the bass guitarist. In the same period, Seden Kutlubay and Sevingül Bahadır were playing music as a duo. Musician Melih Kibar, brought the two groups together for the Eurovision Song Contest. They won the national selection and represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest . Levent Yurtseven was not included. It is said that this was because of his military status. Seden Kutlubay could not join the group in Eurovision because of her exams and another young musician Candan Erçetin was included in the group. Shortly after Eurovision, the band released an album. However, after the album, Erçetin and Bahadır continued their musical lives outside the band. Klips continued to make music as a group. At the end of 1986, Aydın Karabulut passed on the drums. In 1989, they took part in the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest alongside Sertab Altın. In 1991 the band took part again, now with Arzu Ece. This time they became second. After 1991, the band did not continue to play music together.


Artist:Klips ve Onlar
Lyrics:İlhan İrem
Composer(s):Melih Kibar
Conductor:Melih Kibar
Running order:8