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Katrina & The Waves

Group members:Katrina Leskanich
Alex Cooper
Vince de la Cruz
Kimberley Rew (not on stage)
Phil Nichol
National Finals:Great British Song Contest 1997
ESC Entries:Love shine a light (1997)


Katrina and the Waves were a British-American rockband. Band members Kimberley Rew, Alex Cooper and the American singer Katrina Leskanich met eachother in several bands. They established a band called The Waves in 1981, changing it into Katrina & The Waves after a year. They recorded their first album which was released only in Canada. One of their first songs, “Going down to Liverpool”, was released by The Bangles who got an international chart success with it in 1984. Only one year later, the band itself had a final international breakthrough with their song “Walking on shunshine”. The band released several albums, but did not manage to stay that succesful until they represented the United Kingdom in the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest. They won the contest with “Love shine a light”, a song that was originally written for the 30th anniversary of charity organisation The Samaritans. Unfortunately, it did not give them the success they hoped for. Katrina left the band in 1998, and one year after, they quit.


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Katrina & The Waves
Song:Love shine a light
Lyrics:Kimberley Rew
Composer(s):Kimberley Rew
Conductor:Don Airey
Backings:Miriam Stockley
Beverley Skeete
Running order:24