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Katri Helena

Name:Katri Helena Kalaoja
National Finals:Euroviisut 1965, 1969, 1972, 1978, 1979, 1993
ESC Entries:Tule luo (1993)
Katson sineen taivaan (1979)


Katri Helena Kalaoja (born Koistinen) is a Finnish singer. She began her career in 1963 with the single “Poikien kuivat” and released her first album one year later. In 1965, she did her first attempt to go to the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Minne tuuli kuljettaa”. She also recorde a Finnish version of the winning “Poupée de cire, poupée de son”. In 1969 she participated in the national selection Euroviisut again and represented Finland in the festival of Sopot. Her third time in Euroviisut came in 1971 just after she changed her record company. She started acting in musicals by the same time, a.o. ‘My fair lady’. In 1978, she tried Euroviisut again, and in 1979, she was finally successful there and represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Katson sineen taivaan”. In 1988, her husband, Timo Kalaoja, suddenly died of a heart attack, which made her stopped acting for a long period, although she continued recording. At that time she was doing her anniversary tour for his 25 years of profession. She interrupted the tour completely. After resuming his career, she represented Finland in Eurovision again, with the song “Tule luo”. In 1995 she celebrates her 50th birthday with a massive concert at the Finland Hall in Helsinki. She was awarded the Pro Finland medal in 2007. Throughout her career Katri Helena has achieved 17 gold records, four platinum and a double platinum. She is the Finnish singer with the highest sales volume in the history of her country.


Artist:Katri Helena
Song:Tule luo
Lyrics:Jukka Saarinen
Composer(s):Matti Puurtinen
Conductor:Olli Ahvenlahti
Backings:Pave Maijanen
Pepe Willberg
Anita Pajunen
Running order:17
Artist:Katri Helena
Song:Katson sineen taivaan
Lyrics:Vexi Salmi
Composer(s):Matti Siitonen
Conductor:Ossi Runne
Backings:Vesa Enne
Kalle Fält
Aimo Jaara
Paula Nurminen
Running order:5