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Karel Gott

Name:Karel Gott
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Tausend Fenster (1968)


Karel Gott was a Czech singer. He was born in Pilsen, near Prague. He started singing in pubs in Prague in 1958. He studied singing at the conservatory and made his first recordings in 1960, in English. His first single was released in 1963, in Czech. In 1967 he participated in the Midem Festival in Cannes and completed a six-month guest appearance in Las Vegas.
In 1968, Karel Gott represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Tausend Fenster”. In 1969, he appeared in a movie, “Charlie’s Onkel”, where he performed two hits. 
Maybe his most wellknown song was that of “Die Biene Maya” of the animation series with the same name. He scored a lot of hits in the German speaking countries, of which “Weißt du wohin”, “Schicksalsmelodie”, “Einmal um die ganze Welt”, “Bábička”, “Nie mehr Bolero”, “Das Mädchen aus Athen”, “Jede Nacht” and “Fang das Licht” where the greatest.
Karel Gott was described as “The Golden Voice of Prague”, “Sinatra of the East”, “Golden Nightingale” or “Messenger of Good News”. He appeared in numerous TV shows. He released around a total of 120 albums. Although there is no official information on how many copies were sold, it is known that in the Czech Republic and Slovakia together, he had sold over 15 million copies of his records.
In 2008, Karel Gott recorded the song “Für immer jung” with rapper Bushido, which reached # 5 on the German single charts and was awarded two gold medals.
At october 1st 2019, Karel Gott passed away, aged 80 years old, surrounded by his family.


Artist:Karel Gott
Song:Tausend Fenster
Lyrics:Walter Brandin
Composer(s):Udo Jürgens
Conductor:Robert Opratko
Running order:4