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Jarkko & Laura

Group Members:Jarkko Antikainen
Laura Ruotsalo
National Finals:

Euroviisut 1969

ESC Entries:Kuin silloin ennen (19690


Jarkko and Laura were a Finnish duo. The members of the duo, Jarkko Antikainen and Laura Ruotsalo (later Antikainen), married in 1975.

Jarkko Antikainen started his singing career as a little boy when he was accepted as a member of the Cantores Minores boys’ choir. Since then, he has also studied piano, violin and flute. Laura Ruotsalo also sang and played the piano and violin from an early age. Their paths coincided when Jarkko formed the Hobbyguys trio, to which Laura later joined. After the trio disbanded, they formed their own duo.

Jarko’s and Laura’s breakthrough song was “Meidän laulumme” from 1966, written and composed by Laura herself. They also performed Gilbert Bécaud’s song ”Se oli silloin” (1968), Esther & Abi Ofarimin hit song ”Rakkahin Rokkefeller” (1968), Michel Legrand’s film tune “Similar Happiness” (1970) and Toivo Kärje’s “Kai meet again” (1970). Juha Vainio wrote all the lyrics in Finnish.

The duo continued to perform regularly until 1974, after which Jarkko Antikainen began working for his family’s textile companies Bombus and Brenda. He sold the companies in 2003 and has since served as a mentor to entrepreneurs. The duo Jarkko and Laura have continued to perform occasionally.

Laura Antikainen has released a solo album “Tyttö kaupungista” in 2004. The couple’s eldest son Janne Antikainen is a professional musician as well. Similarly, Jarko and Laura’s two younger sons work in music.


Artist:Jarkko & Laura
Song:Kuin silloin ennen
Lyrics:Juha Vainio
Composer(s):Toivo Kärki
Conductor:Ossi Runne
Running order:16