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Jacques Hustin

Name:Jacques Hustin
National Finals:Belgian national final 1974, 1978
ESC Entries:Fleur de liberté (1974)


Jacques Hustin was a Belgian singer. He was born in Liège. Although he performed already when he was 15 years old, it didn’t look like a singing career was what Jacques Hustin was up to. He concentrated more on artistic painting.
Everything changed in 1965, when he participated in the Song Festival of Spa and won the contest. One year later, he recorded his first album. It received a Sabam prize. He decided to go to Paris to perform there and to learn. Between 1966 and 1968 he played and sang in cabarets during diners. At the festival in Rennes, Hustin won a ‘Hermine de Bronze’ and he won the first prize in the 1968 festival of Braşov in Roumania.
In 1974, Jacques Hustin represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Fleur de liberté”. In 1975, he got his own show on Belgian television. He kept on performing and was successful in Canada, Poland, Germany, Romania, Switzerland and France. In 1988, he quit his singing career and went back to his original job as a painter. For nearly ten years, he ran an art workshop in Marcourt. In 1997, he retired.
Jacques Hustin passed away on 6 april 2009.


Artist:Jacques Hustin
Song:Fleur de liberté
Lyrics:Franck F. Gérald
Composer(s):Jacques Hustin
Conductor:Pierre Chiffre
Backings:Vicky Brown
Doreen Chanter
Ireen Chanter
Margot Newman
Liza Strike
Running order:11