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Group Members:

Doros Georgiádis
Areti Kassapí-Haralbidou
Roger Lee
Aristos Moschovakis
Alexia Vasiliou
Filipos Tsemperoulis

National Finals:
ESC Entries:Monika (1981)


Island is a Cypriot group, especially formed to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest. It was the first participation for Cyprus ever. The group existed of four singers: Alexia, Aretí, Roger and Aristos, Filipos on saxophone and Doros on piano. The song that was written for the occasion was called “Monica”. They reached a 6th place for Cyprus. This is the only thing they did together.
Doros Georgiádis was already famous in Greece and Cyprus since 1969, being the winner of the festival of Thessaloniki in 1972 and 1977, the last time with Anna Vissi. He released eight albums.
Areti Kassapí-Haralbidou worked and still works together with her husband on albums and performances with tradional Greek and Cypriot music.
Roger Lee is a British athlete who was, by that time, based in Cyprus.
Aristos Moschovakis worked as a composer after his Eurovision adventure. In 1984, he wrote a song for the Cypriot national selection, “Thimame”. Four years later, this song was supposed to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, but as it already excisted for four years, it was disqualified. In 1993, he got his revenge, as he wrote the Cypriot entry “Mi stamatas”. 
Alexia became a famous singer in Greece and Cyprus and represented Cyprus again in the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest.
Filipos is one of the most asked saxophonists in Greece and Cyprus and has worked together with numerous famous Greek artists like Manos Hadjidakis, Stavros Xarhakos and Dimitra Galani. He was involved in more than 15.000 recorded songs.


Lyrics:Stavros Sideras
Composer(s):Doros Georgiádis
Conductor:Doros Georgiádis
Running order:18