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Ida & Vlado

Group members:Izolda Barudžija
Vladimir Kalember
National Finals:Jugovizija 1984
ESC Entries:Ciao amore (1984)


Izolda Barudžija is a Serbian singer, born in Belgrade. She sang in the students choir Branko Krsmanović from 1978 until 1982. In that year, she joined the all girl group Aska. They won Jugovizija 1982 and represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest. One year later, Izolda was on Eurovision stage again, now as a backing vocal behind Danijel Popović. In 1984 she represented Yugoslavia again.
After that, Izolda and her sister Eleonora continued singing as a duo. In 1992 they took part in the last ever Jugovizija. Between 1994 and 2001 she sang in the band VOX. Nowadays, she teaches music in Germany.

Vladimir “Vlado” Kalember is a Croatian pop singer. In the 1970’s, he was the lead singer of the famous Croatian band Srebrna Krila. However, he left the band for a solo career. In 1984, he represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest. After that, he joined the band 4 asa, where he played with a.o. Rajko Dujmić, known from the Novi Fosili. In 2012, he returned to Srebrna Krila.

The two won Jugovizija in 1984 together with the song that was originally called “Ljubavna priča br. 1”. The title was later changed into “Ciao amore”. The video for “Ciao Amore” was not broadcast on Turkish state television because Izolda appeared bathing topless.


Artist:Ida & Vlado
Song:Ciao amore
Lyrics:Milan Perić
Composer(s):Slobodan Bućevac
Conductor:Mato Došen
Backings:Elizabeth Rea
Bozidar Wolfand
2 others, names unknown
Running order:12