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Hanne Krogh

Name:Hanne Krogh Sundbø.
National Finals:

Melodifestivalen Sweden

Melodi Grand Prix Norway

ESC Entries:

Lykken er… (1971)

La det swinge (1985)

Mrs Thompson (1991)



Hanne Krogh is a Norwegian singer and actress. She started singing when she was 9 years old, and released her first album, “Hanne Krogh” when she was 14. The following year she won the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix final with the song “Lykken er”, and represented Norway in the international finals in Ireland. She appeared in TV shows in Germany and around the Nordic countries, and recorded “Lykken er” in Norwegian, Swedish and German. After several record releases, she chose to retire from the record industry for a few years, and she went to Nissen where she took acting lessons. This led to the lead roles in several films. In 1978, she made a comeback album, which was not very successful. In 1979 she participated in the Melodi Grand Prix with “Når vi er barn”. The same year, she was asked to do a Norwegian version of the Finnish song “Höstvisa”, which she translated into Norwegian. This one went to the top of the Norwegian charts. In the following years she released several albums.
In 1984 she contacted Norwegian / Swedish Elisabeth Andreasson. Together they formed the duo Bobbysocks. They released their first album the same year which consisted of swing songs with harmony songs, as well as several pop songs written by Rolf Loveland. In 1985, Løvland was invited by NRK to write a contribution to this year’s Norwegian Melody Grand Prix and he wrote “La det Swinge” to Bobbysocks who won both the Norwegian final and the Eurovision Song Contest 1985 held in Gothenburg.
the celebration tour in Norway set 34 audience records and almost 50,000 people showed up at the Nygårdsparken in Bergen. They toured in sixteen countries, sold several million records and were number one on the hit lists in eight countries. 
In 1988, Bobbysocks quit, releasing a last album recorded in Los Angeles. Krogh then went to the studio with Bjørn Eidsvåg and Håkon Iversen as producers. The result was a slightly more low-key record called “Hanne”.
In the early 1990s, she joined the quartet Just 4 Fun. The group played 60s music and released the album “Ren 60”. The result was 30 weeks in the charts, and sales of over 50,000 copies. The group represented Norway in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest with “Mrs. Thompson”.
In 1992, a new solo album called “Ta meg til havet” was released. Hanne won a Spellemannprisen for it. She was nominated for another one with the children’s album she released in 1993.
Nowadays, Hanne Krogh works a lot on writing lyrics. In 2009, she gathered a twenty-person choir from the hometown of Haugesund to participate in the TV2 program The Great Cross. Her “Team Hanne” won the competition.


Artist:Just 4 Fun
Song:Mrs. Thompson
Lyrics:P.G. Roness
Kåre Skevik
Composer(s):Dag Kolsrud
Conductor:Pete Knutsen
Backings:2 singers, names unknown
Running order:14
Song:La det swinge
Lyrics:Rolf Løvland
Composer(s):Rolf Løvland
Conductor:Terje Fjærn

Håkon Iversen
Kari Gjærum
Rolf Løvland

Running order:13
Artist:Hanne Krogh
Song:Lykken er…
Lyrics:Arne Bendiksen
Composer(s):Arne Bendiksen
Conductor:Arne Bendiksen
Running order:18