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Franca di Rienzo

Name:Franca di Rienzo
National Finals:Swiss national final 1961, French national final 1970, 1976
ESC Entries:Nous aurons demain (1961)


Franca di Rienzo is a French singer. Her debut single “Cantacronache sperimentale” was released in 1958, followed by a record in cooperation with “I Gentlemen”. She won the Swiss national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 and thus represented Switzerland with the song “Nous aurons demain”.
Di Rienzo was married to Christian Chevallier who wrote a song for her for the festival of Sopot, where she participated in 1963. Two years later, Di Rienzo joined the group Les Troubadours, a singing group made up of 4 singers. Their first success came when they sang the title song of the movie “Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?”. They won several prizes at the Rose d’or of Antibes 1967. In 1970, they took part in the French national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. 1973 was a special year for Franca: not only did Les Troubadours participate in the World Popular Song Contest in Tokyo, but she also played the role of Marie-Antoinette of Austria in the rock opera “La révolution Française”.
In 1976, Les Troubadours did a new attempt to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest but failed again. The band changed their name in 1977 into Don, Dan & Franca. In 1978 Franca released an album together with group member Don Burke. That was the end of Les Troubadours.
In the mid 1980s, Franca Di Rienzo released several albums with songs for children.


Artist:Franca di Rienzo
Song:Nous aurons demain
Lyrics:Emile Gardaz
Composer(s):Géo Voumard
Conductor:Fernando Paggi
Running order:10