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Debbie Cameron

Name:Debbie Cameron
National Finals:Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1981
ESC Entries:Krøller eller ej (1981)


Debbie Cameron’s career started in 1976 when she was honored as the “Most Promising Student of the Year” at the University of Miami’s music school. She came to Denmark in 1976. In Denmark, Debbie Cameron quickly began acting as part of the legendary jazz scene around Jazzhus Montmartre – along with artists like Ben Webster and Dexter Gordon. In 1979, she was a backing vocal for Tommy Seebach when he sang “Disco Tango” in the Eurovision Song Contest. Two years later, she represented Denmark in the contest, in a duet with Tommy: “Krøller eller ej”. After her Eurovision participation, Debbie Cameron hosted DR’s major program in Saturday night entertainment, “Natuglen” together with Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen in 1983-1984. In 1985 she appeared in the movie “Hodja fra Pjort”.
After some very busyyears, Debbie Cameron needed to protect took a step back from the Danish celebrity scene. She also wanted to concentrate her work on her musical roots in gospel, R&B and jazz. As a freelancer and with a small apartment in Lyngby near Copenhagen as her base, she therefore worked more and more abroad. undertook duties as a student musician, producer, choral conductor and music school teacher. In Germany, she was a member of both the techno band Sash! (lead vocal] and heavy rock band Stolz der Strasse (bassist). In recent years Debbie Cameron has also resumed a more active stage life around Denmark, where she among other things. has performed with the Debbie Cameron / Marc Bernstein Band and the Tommy Seebach Show.


Artist:Tommy Seebach & Debbie Cameron
Song:Krøller eller ej
Lyrics:Keld Heick
Composer(s):Tommy Seebach
Conductor:Allan Botschinsky
Backings:Louise Frevert
1 other dancer, name unknown
Running order:6

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