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Colm Wilkinson

Name:Colm Wilkinson
National Finals:Irish National Song Contest 1977, 1978, 1980
ESC Entries:Born to sing (1978)


Colm Wilkinson, in Ireland known as C.T. Wilkinson, is an Irish tenor and actor. He began his career playing in a few bands. In 1972 he played the role of Judas in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. In 1976 he sang the part of Ché in the musical “Evita” on the album. He also sang the main role on the album of “Jekyll and Hyde”. However, he chose for a career as a singer and released his first album in 1977. It topped the Irish charts for no less than eight weeks! He represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1978 with the song “Born to sing”.
In the 1980s Colm Wilkinson got a role in “Joan of Arc” and in “Les Misérables”, the latter on Broadway. It caused a lot of controversy; the American Actors’ Equity Association refused to accept Wilkinson as they only want American actors on stage. The producer then refused to open the show anyway, unless Wilkinson would be allowed. In the end, Wilkinson played the role of Jean Valjean.
In 1989, Colm Wilkinson moved to Canada with his family in order to play a role in “The phantom of the opera”. He lives in Toronto ever since. The role of Jean Valjean kept on following him, as he played it again in 1995, 1998 and even in 2010. In the last year he also released a solo album.
Colm Wilkinson married in 1970; he and his wife have four children.


Artist:Colm Wilkinson
Song:Born to sing
Lyrics:Colm Wilkinson
Composer(s):Colm Wilkinson
Conductor:Noel Kelehan
Backings:Helen Jordan
2 other singers, names unknown
Running order:1