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Colette Deréal

Name:Colette de Glarelial
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Allons, allons les enfants (1961)


Colette Deréal was a French singer. When she was 15 years old, she did her first classical audition. However, she failed and chose to play in theater instead. She went to Paris where she was offered a role in the movie “Au royaume des cieux”. This movie led to a career in Hollywood where she played in movies like “Little boy lost” with Bing Crosby (1953), Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents (1955) and The Happy Road from and with Gene Kelly (1957). When she returned to France she started performing in revues in the Alhambra. She performed in several episodes of the show “Cinq Dernières Minutes”, which meant her breakthrough as a singer with the song “Ne joue pas”. She represented Monaco in the 1961 Eurovision Song Contest and toured with Jacques Brel and Gilbert Bécaud. She replaced Jacqueline Joubert in her tv-show as a host for a few times. In 1969 she appeared in the film “Sous le signe du taureau”. In 1972, she had the main role in a soap opera. After this, she became a journalist for the Monegask newspaper “La Tribune”. His last appearance on stage was on July 2, 1985 at the Kim Club in Cagnes-sur-Mer.
She spent her last years at Cap d’Ail, near Monte-Carlo.  Colette Deréal dies on 12 april 1988 of a heart attack.


Artist:Colette Deréal
Song:Allons, allons les enfants
Lyrics:Pierre Delanoë
Composer(s):Hubert Giraud
Conductor:Raymond Lefèvre
Running order:2