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Clodagh Rodgers

Name:Clodagh Rodgers
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1971
ESC Entries:Jack in the box (1971)


Clodagh Rodgers is a British singer, born in Warren Point, Northern Ireland. She signed her first record contract when she was only 14 years old. In november 1963, she was invited by Jim Reeves to come over to Nashville. She released several singles, but was not successful until 1969. The singles “Come back and shake me” and “Goodbye midnight” were top-5 hits. She insured her voice for one million pounds. Unfortunately, the success faded after these two singles. Still, she performed on tv very regularly. In 1971, she was chosen to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Jack in the box”. It was not an easy job for her to represent her country in Dublin. Clodagh was threatened to be kidnapped and even to be killed if she would participate in the contest. However, she did participate and became 4th. 
The follow up of “Jack in the box”, became “Lady Love Bug”. After this, Clodagh Rodgers concentrated on her work for television. She played in a sitcom and performed in many different tv-shows. She kept on performing during the 1970s. She appeared in two musicals at West End. 

In the TV series Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Mr. Gulliver (Terry Jones) receives a head trauma from a car accident and is convinced that he is Clodagh Rodgers. At the end of the episode, two large Terry Gilliam-animated monsters, who had been eyeing the cyclist lead character Mr. Pither (Michael Palin) from behind a bush, wait until Pither is gone, jump out, and dance up and down to Rodgers’ rendition of “Jack in the Box.”


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Clodagh Rodgers
Song:Jack in the box
Lyrics:David Myers
Composer(s):John Worsley
Conductor:Johnny Arthey
Backings:Barbara Moore
Betty Prescott
Margot Quantrell
Lavinia Rodgers
Running order:9