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Claude Lombard

Name:Claude Lombard
National Finals:Belgian national final 1968
ESC Entries:Quand tu reviendras (1968)


Although Belgian singer Claude Lombard had released a few singles and was registered at the Higher National Institute of Performing Arts in Brussels, she was not known to a large audience. That changed in 1968, when she represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Quand tu reviendras”. She also presented a tv-show every two weeks, for which she wrote and sang songs.
After this, it remained silent around Lombard. In 1976, she wrote a song for the Belgian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She did not perform it herself. She moved to Paris, where she wrote the music for a musical. She recorded her own album, and then started writing and singing songs for children. She dubbed the voices in tv-series like “The Fraggles” and “Muppet babies”.
Between 1986 and 1992, she released about fifty singles, including “Embrasse-moi Lucile”, “Flo et les Robinson suisses” and “Max et Compagnie”. She kept on participating in soundtracks of series and dubbing voices. In the early 1990s, she began directing the musical parts of several films. Also in the 1990s, she joined the Pat Benesta Orchestra, specializing in covers, and recorded many covers of credits and TV hits for children.
She also toured the world as a backing vocal for Charles Aznavour with whom she worked from the 1980s until the death of the singer on October 1, 2018, and with whom she performed the song “Mon émouvant amour”.


Artist:Claude Lombard
Song:Quand tu reviendras
Lyrics:Roland Dero
Composer(s):Jo van Wetter
Conductor:Henri Segers
Running order:3