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Christina Simon

Name:Christina Ganahl
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Heute in Jerusalem (1979)


Christina Simon, nowadays known as Ina Wolf, is an Austrian singer and songwriter. She participated in numerous record and TV productions. In 1977 she moved to the USA with her later partner, the Viennese musician Peter Wolf, and returned to Vienna and Berlin several times for guest performances, where she participated in the musicals “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Mayflower” and  “Mandragora.”
In 1979, she represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Heute in Jerusalem”. In the same year she married Peter Wolf in Los Angeles. Under the name Wolf & Wolf and later Vienna they released three albums, for which Ina Wolf wrote the lyrics and was a lead singer. From now on she worked under the name Ina Wolf as a text writer together with her husband. Ina Wolf has successfully collaborated with artists such as Chicago, Kenny Loggins, Paul Young, Sergio Mendes, Lou Gram (Foreigner), Natalie Cole, Pointer Sisters and Nik Kershaw. Her greatest success as a songwriter she had with the Starship hit “Sara”. The song reached the #1 in the USA charts.
After the Northridge earthquake in 1994, Ina Wolf returned to Austria with her two children. The following year, she and Peter Wolf divorced. As a singer she started a jazz project (Ina Wolf & Band). She performed in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Ina Wolf continues as a text writer for various artists in Germany and abroad, such as Aleesha, Starmania, Preluders, Joana Zimmer, Nathalia and Thomas Anders.


Artist:Christina Simon
Song:Heute in Jerusalem
Lyrics:André Heller
Composer(s):Josef Dermoser
Conductor:Richard Österreicher
Backings:Lou Marini
1 other musician, name unknown
Running order:18