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Chris Baldo & Sophie Garel

Group members:Christian Baldauff
Lucienne Gabriele Garcia
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Nous vivrons d’amour (1968)


Chris Baldo (Christian Baldauff, 24-3-1943 – 24-1-1995) was a Luxembourgian singer. His first record was a duet when he was 16. His first hit in the Luxembourgian charts was a German song: “Einsam und allein”. In 1966 he scored several hits in both French and German. He represented Luxembourg in the 1967 Festival of Sopot and in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest. He scored several hits like “Pardon Rosalie” and “Eine urlaubsliebe”, the latter for the Grand Prix RTL International in 1969.
Chris Baldo hosted several shows for Radio Luxembourg. He passed away in Luxembourg at 24 january 1995.

Sophie Garel (22-4-1942) is a French radio- and tv-host and a singer. She was born and raised in Oran, Algeria. She started her career as a presenter at “Télé Oran”, but in 1962 she moved to Marseille. She started working for Télé Monté Carlo (TMC).  In 1968, she represented Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest.
In the 1980s she worked for RTL and Canal Plus. On both channels she hosted several shows. She was also a columnist in a daily show on France2. She did that work until 2007

Chris Baldo and Sophie Garel teamed up in 1968 to represent Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest . “Nous vivrons d’amour” was their only project together.


Artist:Chris Baldo & Sophie Garel
Song:Nous vivrons d’amour
Lyrics:Jacques Demarny
Composer(s):Carlos Leresche
Conductor:André Borly
Running order:5