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Catherine Ferry

Name:Catherine Ferry
National Finals:French national final 1976
ESC Entries:Un, deux, trois (1976)


In 1976, Catherine Ferry represented France at the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song “Un, deux, trois” won not only the 2nd place but holds to date the record number of points obtained by France on a Eurovision Song Contest. After the Eurovision Song Contest, the single was released in French, English, German and Spanish.
Meanwhile, Catherine managed to impose “Petit Jean” as a B-side of “Un, deux, trois” around the world, after falling in love with this song that Daniel Balavoine, one of her backing vocals at Eurovision, performed on stage in its infancy . “Petit Jean” is the first of a long series of collaborations between the two artists whose complicity lasted until the tragic loss of Daniel Balavoine.
Catherine Ferry was asked to perform all over Europe and even in Japan, where she participated in the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo. She released several hits including “Julia mon coeur” and “Melody blue” which with “Un, deux, trois” are gathered on her first album.
But with the 1980s arriving, she changed her style. Catherine Ferry experimented with other sounds and a musical style closer to herself. The audience is enthousiastic about “Bonjour, bonjour”, another creation of Daniel Balavoine with lyrics by Linda Lecomte. The record sol to 350,000 copies in a few weeks.
Catherine Ferry was selected to play Alice in the musical “Abbacadabra”. She was involved in the recording of analbum and a series of programs for children. Then Catherine Ferry recorded a second album in both Geneva and Paris, directed by Andy Scott.
Catherine Ferry then decided to leave the stage for a while to be a fulltime mother. In spring 2010 Catherine Ferry recorded her next single with John Woolloff, the guitarist of the late Daniel Balavoine. At a time when her songs became “cult”, one of them was chosen to appear in a new film.


Artist:Catherine Ferry
Song:Un, deux, trois
Lyrics:Jean-Paul Cara
Composer(s):Tony Rallo
Conductor:Tony Rallo

Bertrand Balavoine
Daniel Balavoine
Guy Balavoine
Patrice Scheider

Running order:17