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Carita Holmström

Name:Carita Elisabeth Holmström
National Finals:Euroviisut 1974
ESC Entries:Keep me warm (1974)


Carita Holmström is a Finnish pianist, singer and composer. She began studying piano at the Sibelius Academy at the age of 8 and then moved to Sweden to continue his studies. Around the age of 11-12, she began to perform folk music with Marianne Nyman. Holmström initially played the piano, but later both began playing the guitar. In 1969, Carita and Nyman performed on the Danny show, where they had their own 20-minute cast. In the spring of the same year, they made a single, “Soi kitarani soi / Sano sano sano”. Holmström and Nyman appeared on television in several shows, and together with Mikael Wiik, made their own 40-minute Swedish program. Holmström’s and Nyman’s joint performances ended in 1972 due to various musical endeavors.
In the summer of 1973, Holmström became a solo artist and recorded her first album “We Are What We Do”, her own production, with the exception of Yes-cover “Time and a Word”. Broadcasters selected it as the light music record of the year, and readers of a Finnish magazine voted Holmström the Female Singer of the Year. Holmström also gained wider publicity by performing his own song “Joki” in the autumn of 1973.
In 1974, Holmström represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Alä mene pois”, which Frank Robson had translated into English as “Keep Me Warm.” In the autumn of 1974, a new album called “Toinen levy” was released.
In January 1975, at American musician Mark Levin’s album “Social Sketches” Holmström sings songs like “Nylon Coverin, Body Smother” and “Wings of Icarus”. In Euroviisut 1975, Kirka performed a soul-influenced song, “Oh New York, rakkain”, composed by Holmström.
In 1978 Holmström toured with bassist Teppo Hauta-aho. They continued their collaboration later, and in 1980, their joint album “Two Faces” was released. Carita Holmström led his own jazz band Players Unlimited from 1987-1995.
Her latest album, in 2010, was called “My diary of songs”. In addition to recordings, Holmström’s work includes two musicals, a chamber opera, vocal series for female voice and various instruments, and chamber music.


Song:Keep me warm
Composer(s):Eero Koivistonen
Conductor:Ossi Runne
Running order:1