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Quick Facts

Alex Márta

06 June 1984

🇭🇺 Hungarian

National Selection
A Dal 2013

In Eurovision
2013 Malmö

Kedvesem (2013)


ByeAlex, real name Alex Márta (born in Kisvárda, June 6, 1984) is a Hungarian singer, songwriter and producer.

Alex Márta graduated with a degree in philosophy from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Miskolc. He started dealing with music at a relatively young age, initially for his own pleasure, mainly to entertain his sister and parents. As a university student, he began to engage more seriously in music in amateur bands. It was during this time that he wrote his first major hit song, “Csókolom”.

Alex formed the band My Gift to You and explored psychedelic-post-rock themes, releasing remix albums. In 2012, he began his solo career under the name ByeAlex. His first solo album, “Szörpoholista”, was released in 2013. In the same year, he gained national recognition as a performer in the Hungarian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. In the 2013 A Dal finals, his success was viewed critically by the press, as he outperformed other contestants who were seen as more likely winners. At the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest held in Malmö, he qualified for the May finals. In the Grand Final, ByeAlex’s song achieved 10th place overall. 

Alex was awarded the Silver Memorial Medal by György Matolcsy, the President of the Hungarian National Bank, for being a worthy representative of Hungary’s 21st-century culture.

From 2016 to 2022, Alex was a jury member of X-Factor and was the winning mentor in the eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh seasons. He was the first to start writing songs for his mentees during the show’s airing. He was also the most successful mentor in the Hungarian X-Factor.

He supported several younger, lesser-known artists under the name APU. In 2019, he released a collaborative song titled “Fiatalon” with pølava. At the end of 2020, he released a concept album titled “Rehab”. The album became 4x platina. In February 2021, they released another track about casual relationships, “Fehér Holló”.

ByeAlex, who changed his name into ByeAlex és a Slepp to release a song called “Hullik” in June 2021. The song became 9 times platinum! A year later, he celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his career with a symphonic tour. 

In June 2022, the songs “Rossz esték” and “Menned kell”, which Alex made together with his pupils Alex Balász and Manuel, went platinum. Alex teamed up with Luna in January 2023 for the song “Rózsaszín mustang”.



🇭🇺 Hungary



Alex Márta

Alex Márta
Zoltán Palasti Kovács

Dániel Kővágó (guitar)
Helga Wéber


Results Semi

Points: 66
Position: 8
Running order: 12

Results Finals

Points: 84
Position: 10
Running order: 17