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Brotherhood of Man

Group members:Martin Lee
Lee Sheriden
Sandra Stevens
Nicky Stevens
National Finals:A Song For Europe 1976
ESC Entries:Save your kisses for me (1976)


In 1969, producer Tony Hiller formed a group called Brotherhood of Man. They released a record that was a flop, but the second one became a worldwide hit: “United we stand”, followed by “Where are you going to my love”. Soon after this, the succes faded away and some changes came in the line up. In 1971 they split up.
However, Tony Hiller didn’t want to give up and invited studio musicians Martin Lee, Nicky Stevens and Lee Sheriden to form a new Brotherhood of Man. In 1973, they released two singles without any success, and then Sandra Stevens was added to the line up. Their song “Lady” became an international hit, followed by a debut album. Still, it took the group until 1975 to have a final breakthrough with the song “Kiss me, kiss your baby”. While working on their second album, Brotherhood of Man registered for participation in A Song For Europe, the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Their song “Save your kisses for me” became the British entry and, in the end, the 1976 Eurovision winner.
The album was re-released with “Save your kisses for me” included and it became a huge success. The follow up “My sweet Rosalie” became a success, not in the UK, but in the rest of Europe, followed by “I give you my love” and “New York City”. The following three years, the Brotherhood scored hit after hit like “Angelo”, “Figaro”, “Beautiful lover”.
With the 1980s coming, the hits were going. Lee Sheriden left the group and was replaced by Barry Upton. In 1983, they were close to returning to the Eurovision stage when their song “When the kissing stops” entered the Song For Europe final. However, Brotherhood of Man decided not to sing it themselves. A group called Rubic was formed for the task instead. The Brotherhood of Man split up in 1983, but reformed, now with Lee Sheriden again, two years later. The group is still active, performs and releases albums.


Country:United Kingdom
Artist:Brotherhood of Man
Song:Save your kisses for me
Lyrics:Tony Hiller
Martin Lee
Lee Sheriden
Composer(s):Tony Hiller
Martin Lee
Lee Sheriden
Conductor:Alyn Ainsworth
Running order:1