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Group members:Amaya Saizar
Yolanda Hoyos
Luis Villar
Esteban Santos
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Lady lady (1984)


After her successful experience with Trigo Limpio, Amaia Saizar began a brief solo career. That same year the directors of Hispavox commissioned Amaia to form a group following the well-established scheme “Abba.” That’s how Bravo was established in 1982, formed by Amaia, Yolanda Hoyos, Luis Villar and Esteban Santos. However, the quartet was only announced two years later when they were internally selected by RTVE to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. That was not without controversy because a few weeks earlier it was rumored that the representatives would be the popular band Olé-Olé. Bravo sang “Lady lady”. The single achieved great success in Spain and Germany. After their success at the festival, they undertook an international tour. The first of its two albums also went on sale in 1984. A year later, under the production of Óscar Gómez, they recorded Night by night, from which the single “Bang bang”/”Tu mejor amigo” was extracted and which included the song “Por un amor”, Spanish version of Für alle, the 1985 German song. Also in 1985 they were guest performers at the prestigious Viña del Mar Festival in Chile, where they received an honorary silver Torch. They performed in Mexico, Ecuador, Peru and several other Latin American countries, in which they obtained tremendous success. However, the quartet did not reach the end of the year due to personal disagreements. In 2002 the record label Rama-Lama, specialized in the recovery of the discographies of artists of the past, published all the songs on CD that the group recorded in its two albums.


Song:Lady lady
Lyrics:Amaya Saizar
Composer(s):Miguel Blasco Larami
Conductor:Eddy Guerin
Backings:1 musician, name unknown
Running order:4