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Betty Missiego

Name:Teresa Beatriz Missiego Campos
National Finals:
ESC Entries:Su canción


Betty Missiego is a Peruvian/Spanish singer. In Peru she began her artistic career as a dancer, but she had to quit because of an injury. She continued in the artistic world, more specifically presenting a television program that gave her great popularity. In 1968 she moved to live in Spain where she began her career as a singer. Betty, who had dedicated herself to the folk song, went on to Latin pop. In 1972 she represented Peru in the OTI Festival with the song “Recuerdos de un adiós”.
In 1979 she represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest with her song “Su canción”. She became 2nd in the contest, just a few points behind the winner. She also participated in the World Popular Song Festival in Tokyo. Betty Missiego had numerous successes since then as “La cita”, “Tengo la piel cansada de la tarde”, “Yo te quiero a ti”, “Te amaré de mil maneras”, “El vaivén”, “Palabras viejas” and “El aguador”. In the 2000s she participated in “Estrellas de Siempre” with other artists, to honour Cecilia and Nino Bravo.
Betty Missiego is married to composer Fernando Moreno. In February 2012, their youngest son Fernando died in a motorcycle accident. In december 2013 she resigned with a concert at the Teatro Cervantes de Málaga. However, she performs on television every now and then, also participating in the concerts of the Madrid Pride in 2018 and in the Eurovision Pre-Party 2019.


Artist:Betty Missiego
Song:Su canción
Lyrics:Fernando Moreno
Composer(s):Fernando Moreno
Conductor:José Luis Navarro
Backings:Alexis Carmona
Beatriz Carmona
Javier Glaria
Rosalía Rodríguez

Running order:19