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Barbara Dex

Name:Barbara Maria Karel Deckx
National Finals:Eurosong 1993, 2004, 2006
ESC Entries:Iemand als jij (1993)


Barbara Dex is a Belgian singer. She is the daughter of Marc Dex, a popular singer in the sixties in Belgium. In the early nineties she started her career with performances in radio shows. In 1993 she won eurosong, the national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She rose to worldwide fame, not because of her song but because of the dress she was wearing during the international Eurovision final; since 1997 the prize for the worst dress in Eurovision is called the ‘Barbara Dex Award’, named after her.
It did not effect her career in a bad way. Her first album was a succes in Belgium. In 1995, she decided to start singing in English. She sang the titlesong of a tv-series called “Windkracht 10”. In 2004, she sang in the Belgian preselection for Eurovision again, this time together with Dutch singer Alides Hidding. In 2006 she participated again. In 2009 she was included in the Radio 2 Hall of Fame together with her father Marc Dex and uncle Juul Kabas (the Dex family) for a life full of music. In 2016 she played a role in the musical “The beauty and the beast”. In 2019, she started her own boutique.


Artist:Barbara Dex
Song:Iemand als jij
Lyrics:Tobana (Marc Dex)
Composer(s):Marc Vliegen
Conductor:Bert Candries
Backings:Gregoir Cibos
Jimmy van Hoppe
Peter Meulemans
Jan Moeskops
Running order:7