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Arlette Zola

Name:Arlette Jaquet
National Finals:Swiss national final 1982, 1984, 1985
ESC Entries:Amour on t’aime (1982)


Arlette Zola, born in Friborg, is a Swiss singer. Her first big hit was “Les elles sont coquines”, released in 1966  and her first album “Arlette Zola” in 1967. She could be found in the Swiss charts with several hits in the late 1960s. She married in 1972 and gave birth to her daughter Romy in 1979. In 1982 she returned to music when she represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest where she got the 3rd place with “Amour on t’aime”. The song was offered to her by Alain Morisod, who would originally sing it with his group Sweet People, but couldn’t because the group split up. Especially in French speaking Switzerland, she appeared and performed in many television shows. Alain Morisod, in all friendship and grateful for her talent, invited him in November 1998 to his show (Les coups de cœur) on Télévision suisse romande. He offered her a song called, “Laissez moi encore chanter”. A new CD was released in 2003, where she performed in particular “Les amants d’un jour” in memory of Edith Piaf. In 2005, she released a CD again. In 2007, Arlette Zola published a new album entitled “Le bonheur ne coûte rien”.


Artist:Arlette Zola
Song:Amour on t’aime
Lyrics:Pierre Alain
Composer(s):Alain Morisod
Conductor:Joan Amils
Backings:5 singers. names unknown
Running order:7