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Anne-Marie David

Name:Anne-Marie David
National Finals:French national final 1979
ESC Entries:Je suis l’enfant-soleil (1979)
Tu te reconnaîtras (1973)


Anne-Marie David is a French singer who was born and raised in Arles. She began her career in 1972 when she played a role in the French version of Jesus Christ Superstar, where she was Maria Magdalena. One year later she won the Grand Prix international du disque with the song “Aimer”. Luxembourgian television selected her to represent the country in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Tu te reconnaîtras”. She won the 1973 contest and in the same year, she won an award at the World Popular Song Contest in Tokyo. After eurovision, she made a tour through the Middle East and gained especially a lot of popularity in Turkey. Two years in a row, in 1974 and 1975, she won an Oscar for variété. 
In 1979, Anne-Marie David participated in the French national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, because of a strike, the final is never broadcast. However, French television chose her performance for the international final, so that was her second time on Eurovision stage.
In 1980, she gave a concert at the Palais des Congrès in Versailles and in 1981, in Mysen, Norway, she participated in the Gala of the winners of Eurovision. Anne-Marie David is very popular in Norway and received the prize for Best Foreign Interpreter in Oslo in 1983. In 1984, she played in the musical “Le vent Tourbillon”. In 1987, she participated in the Viña del Mar Festival in Chile. After this, she withdrew from the show world, but returned in 2004 with a new album. That is where her new career started with several tours and albums and even a film project.


Artist:Anne-Marie David
Song:Je suis l’enfant-soleil
Lyrics:Eddy Marnay
Composer(s):Hubert Giraud
Conductor:Guy Matteoni
Backings:Georges Costa
Michel Costa
Francine Chanterau
Martine Latorre
Dominique Poulain
Running order:11
Artist:Anne-Marie David
Song:Tu te reconnaîtras
Lyrics:Vline Buggy
Composer(s):Claude Morgan
Conductor:Pierre Cao
Backings:Georges Costa
Michel Costa
Running order:11