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Anders Frandsen

Name:Anders Frandsen
National Finals:Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 1991
ESC Entries:Lige der hvor hjertet slår (1991)


Anders Frandsen was a Danish singer and tv-presenter. He started his career by hosting a breakfast show on Danish channel Kanal 2. During these days, he was also an actor in several plays. In 1991, he won the national selection and represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Lige der hvor hjertet slår”. Anders’ popularity only increased thereafter, and he became a TV host on several television programs, including the TV3 productions “Star Shoot” and Bang or Fall. He also played guest roles in several shows.  In the 2000s, he retired from the media and opened his own company, Corpus Copenhagen, which produces gift items. In 2007 he put the company up for sale and moved for a period to Thailand, but later moved back to Denmark, where he lived in Hellerup. Frandsen died at the age of 51 and was found by  friends on January 1, 2012. In the days that followed, it emerged in the daily press that he was probably dead by a carbon monoxide poisoning.


Artist:Anders Frandsen
Song:Lige der hvor hjertet slår
Lyrics:Michael Elo
Composer(s):Michael Elo
Conductor:Henrik Krogsgård
Backings:Lei Moe
Lupe Moe
Peter Busborg
Michael Elo
Jacob Launbjerg
Running order:13
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