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Group members:Ismeta Dervoz-Krvavac
Slobodan Vujović
Kressimir Vlassić
Andrej Stefanović
Miroslav Šaranović
Enes Betramović
National Finals:Jugovizija 1973, 1975, 1976, 1989
ESC Entries:Ne mogu skriti svoju bol (1976)


Amabasadori were a Bosnian Yugoslav band, founded in 1968 by Robert Ivanović Srđan Stefanović. They met when they were both military brass band members in the army, seated in Sarajevo. With Slobodan Vujović included, they had their first performance in 1969. Soon Zdravko Čolić joined the band and became the lead singer. Soon the band became a 7-member band, but the line up changed as the two founders were not able to tour that much.
In 1970 the band took part in the festival Vaš šlager sezone​​. The song became their debut single in 1971. It was also the year that Zdravko Čolić​ left the band and joined another group, Korni. Ismeta Dervoz-Krvavac​ became the new singer. She was presented to the audience at the Skopje Fest 1972. In 1973, Ambasadori made the first steps abroad, by touring through the Soviet Union.
In 1975, they took part again in Vaš šlager sezone​​​, now with the song “Zemlja moja”, a song that became a huge hit for Ambasadori. One year later, the band represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Ne mogu skriti svoju bol”. It was not a success, and when they were in 1976 Vaš šlager sezone​ they were also not too successful. Ismeta left the band by the end of the year.
Jasna Gospić became the new singer and it was again Vaš šlager sezone​ where the band introduced the new singer. The song “Dođi u pet do pet” became a nationwide hit. 
The age gap between the band members and their singer became a problem however. The band was active until 1980, but accompanied Jelena Džoja in the 1989 Jugovizija.


Song:Ne mogu skriti svoju bol
Lyrics:Slobodan Đurašović
Composer(s):Slobodan Vujović
Conductor:Esad Arnautalić
Running order:18