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Alma & Dejan

Group members:Alma Čardžić
Dejan Lazarević
National Finals:BH Eurosong 1994
ESC Entries:Ostani kraj mene (1994)


Alma & Dejan were a Bosnian duo. They teamed up just for the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest.
Alma Čardžić is a Bosnian singer, born in Maglaj. When she was 15 years old, she won a prize at the “Studentsko ljesko” festival. In 1992, she took part in Jugovizija, the Jugoslavian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1993, she was involved in the Bosnian preselection. One year later, she and Dejan Lazarević represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1997, she did the same, but now solo. Soon after the contest, she was able to release her second album. Čardžić has released four CDs and remains a popular singer in her homeland.
Dejan Lazarević was born in Sarajevo and became a real star in Bosnia. In several songs he sang about his hometown. During the Bosnian civil war he was badly wounded because of a flying shrapnel, and his arm was paralyzed for a long time. Nevertheless, he continued his career, including songs about the siege of his city.


Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina
Artist:Alma & Dejan
Song:Ostani kraj mene
Lyrics:Edo Mulahalilović
Adi Mulahalilović
Composer(s):Edo Mulahalilović
Adi Mulahalilović
Conductor:Sinan Alimanović
Running order:18
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