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Alice & Battiato

Group members:Carla Bissi
Francesco Battiato
National Finals:
ESC Entries:I treni di tozeur (1984)


Alice & Battiato are a duo, especially teamed up for the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest. They represented Italy with the song “I treni di tozeur”. The song reached the 5th place and became an international hit.
Alice (real name: Carla Bissi, born 26 september 1954) took part at the Festival di Sanremo 1972, under her own name. She released an album in 1980, and in 1981 took part again in Sanremo, but now as Alice. She won and had an international hit with the song “Per Elisa”. Her biggest success was the album “Park Hotel” in 1986. Two years later, she released an album with classical music. She did a European tour in 1990. We saw her back at the festival of Sanremo in 2000. After this, she performed in classical auditoria, churches and concert halls. 

Franco Battiato, born as Francesco Battiato (Ionia (Sicily), March 23, 1945), is an Italian singer, guitarist, songwriter and filmmaker. He is also a painter under the pseudonym Süphan Barzani. Initially he made ethnic music, progressive rock and light music, and finally ended up with opera and classical music. From the late 1970s he often collaborated with the Italian violinist Giusto Pio, both in the studio and at performances. Giusto Pio was also a composer and orchestra conductor with the RAI orchestra of Milan. Franco Battiato passed away on 18 May 2021.


Artist:Alice & Battiato
Song:I treni di tozeur
Lyrics:Rosario Cosentino
Composer(s):Franco Battiato
Conductor:Giusto Pio
Backings:Marilyn Horne
2 other singers, names unknown
Running order:18