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May 7, 2024

Malmö Messages: results are in!

photo: EBU/Alma Bengtsson This is it for tonight, the results are in. Ten countries head to the final on Saturday. Below you will find those countries listed: Serbia Portugal Slovenia Ukraine Lithuania Finland Cyprus Croatia Ireland Luxembourg  

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The first semifinal

Finally, the moment has arrived: we get to see the full first semifinal. Only now can we truly judge if and how good it is. In the opening of the show, we see ’12 points’ and old footage, after which the cubes rise. This is followed by Eleni Foureira, then Eric Saade, and subsequently, Chanel also makes an appearance. Then the presenters Malin Åkerman and Petra Mede make their entrance, dressed in clashing pink and orange. Cyprus: Now that we can hear the entire song, it’s noticeable that Silia Kapsis’s singing has improved considerably during rehearsals. She and the dancers are dressed in white against a turquoise background. And yes, the shirts come off, at least the dancers’ shirts. And, of course, there’s a dance break. Serbia: In a cloudy sky, on a rock, Teya Dora sings her song. Later in the act, she steps off her rock. The act barely resonates because not everyone understands why there’s a flower at the end of the act. Serbia might struggle; there’s a risk it might be overshadowed. Lithuania: We now effortlessly recognize the song with the ‘lady Mondegreen’ lyrics. Silvester Belt’s entry does make an impact. The song is accessible to a wide audience, which cannot really be said for several other entries this evening. Ireland: Bambie Thug is doing their best to put on a terrifying act. With a devil on stage, a witches’ circle, and a pentagram, the artist definitely stands out. Whether the average viewer understands what’s happening is questionable, even as Bambie Thug exorcises the devil at the end and remains in an outfit in the transgender colours. For fans of beautiful singing: Bambie Thug has a beautiful singing voice, but also lets out a lot of screams. Then the hosts chat, during which the attentive (and somewhat older) viewer might notice a reference to Lill Lindfors (the 1985 host). United Kingdom: We previously reported that Olly Alexander had said this was the most homosexual act ever. Having seen the entire act, we can wholeheartedly agree. Whether this entry is suitable for very young viewers is debatable, but perhaps you had already sent them out of the room during the previous act. Ukraine: On the floor, we see blue and yellow, the Ukrainian colors. The song is beautifully performed by Jerry Heil. As Alyona Alyona starts to rap, we see concrete colors. On the cubes, silhouettes of people are projected. Altogether, it’s very impressive and could possibly be a winner. Poland: Luna sings from a chessboard. The two towers in the center play a major role in the song, along with a black, a white, and a red king. It’s a chess game for three players, and Luna seems to have entered it. She, too, overcomes forces from the past. Croatia: There’s a lot happening; the song is about young people leaving the country in search of greener pastures. The song is ranked number one by the bookmakers. It could well finish very high. It certainly swings, but it will require some skills from Baby Lasagna to properly convey the message. Iceland: After several acts where a lot has happened, Hera Björk is somewhat of a breather. Unfortunately, this challenging song doesn’t really stand out compared to the rest. But perhaps that’s precisely its strength. Of course, we wish Hera Björk the best in the contest. Then there’s a video; watch closely, because it’s brief. We definitely see a role for Arcade and Dancing Lasha Tumbai. Germany: Then, out of competition tonight, comes Isaak, who has brought his fire pit indoors. He sings that he’s always on the run but meanwhile doesn’t move from his spot; an interesting contradiction. It would be nice if Isaak could shake off the curse of the lower ranks. We fear that’s wishful thinking. Slovenia: Then the ode to Veronika of Desenice follows. Certainly, a good singer, but whether this act will clearly convey what Raiven intends to spotlight is doubtful. The viewers will hear and see how well it’s sung, but unfortunately, the televoters aren’t generally moved in large numbers. Finland: We see a whirlwind show from Windows95man. For three minutes, something happens that keeps the viewer engaged. The joke with the underwear and the attempt to suggest a naked Windows95man does the trick. However, Windows95man cannot sing; that’s what Henri Piispanen is for. And he does it quite well. Moldova: Really, no one believes in a final spot for Natalia Barbu anymore. It’s a shame because the graphics are certainly worth noting. Only, we had already noticed that when Natalia Barbu seems to get wings, she’s not positioned correctly for the camera. We still want to point out her dress, which is special. The song, unfortunately, is not. Sweden: Of course, the hall goes wild, the Norwegian twins Marcus & Martinus representing Sweden are incredibly popular. A music video, a slick show. The show by the twins from Norway, competing for Sweden, is solid. But whether the song is strong enough for a high score could be doubted. Azerbaijan: The Azerbaijani act consists of a woman who seems to come out of the water on the LED screens, waving her hands. These hands later reappear on stage. Fahree and Ilkin Dovlatov sing the song with this ensemble in the background. Whether the traditional Azerbaijani singing (mugham) comes across and makes it to the final is doubtful. Australia: An act that does make an impression. Especially singer Zaachariaha impresses with strong vocals. Initially, he stands at the front singing the song with the background singers. Later, there’s a lot of dancing and movement, and it turns into a cheerful, friendly performance. Australia might make it to the final. Portugal: A calming moment in this busy evening. No frills, a well-singing singer, and several masked dancers, all in white. Iolanda’s high note certainly makes a big impression in the press center. After so much commotion, it just might be that Portugal suddenly makes it to the final. Luxembourg: The act from

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