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May 1, 2024

Malmö messages: from rainbows to proud Eurovision fans

Azerbaijan: Fahree and Ilkin Dovlatov represent Azerbaijan. In the photos that have been released, it becomes even clearer that hands play a leading role in “Özünlə Apar”, the song Azerbaijan is sending. For the first time, the Azerbaijani language can be heard at the song contest, albeit in a few lines. The entry doesn’t impress much; bookmakers place it in 34th position. Australia: Many people were curious about how Electric Fields would perform their song “One Milkali (One Blood).” Lots of color, lots of instruments including a didgeridoo, and Zaachariaha wearing a white dress on which a rainbow is projected. Since the first rehearsal, Australia has been climbing in the bookmakers’ rankings. They now predict a 25th place for the country. Portugal: We’ve seen masked men before today. The Portuguese singer Iolanda is surrounded by them. Although these gentlemen bear a striking resemblance to beekeepers in their attire. But in Portugal, of course, it’s about the song and the music, as Salvador Sobral intended. Iolanda is unlikely to match Salvador’s success. Currently, bookmakers even predict her to reach 33rd place. Luxembourg: How proud Eric LeMan must be! This Luxembourgish Eurovision fan has hoped for years that his country would return to the festival, and his wish has come true. Of course, he was involved in the auditions himself. Tali represents Luxembourg with an energetic entry. It’s all about dance with “Fighter.” Tali is getting warm from it. Who knows, Luxembourg might make it to the final. However, the bookmakers are skeptical and place the country in 30th position. And in the end, we have a small update from Finland. We spoke to windows95man. “We’re still figuring out what we want to do with the pyro, as last rehearsal we used too much, but this time we used too little” We think he doesn’t want to burn his socks again.

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Malmö Messages: Tonight's participants

Malmö Messages: party animals, tradition and strong women

Croatia: For a long time, Croatia was the number one with “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” according to the bookmakers. Now he’s in second place. The story is known: the song tells about young people leaving Croatia to find their fortune elsewhere. This is depicted by someone walking with a suitcase. The whole group wears traditional clothing. Baby Lasagna has not been praised for his singing talent so far, but that doesn’t seem to harm him. Split or Zagreb next year? Iceland: The friendly Hera Björk, who kindly spoke to us a few days ago, is back. With flair and enthusiasm, and without us having to worry about her vocals, she stands on stage. However, we do have a concern: the song. It doesn’t seem to make much of an impact yet. While Hera easily made it to the final in 2010, the odds currently give her a 29th place. The final seems far away. Slovenia: Many bodies around the Slovenian Raiven as she sings her Veronika. The dancers, all in bodysuits and with a lot of nudity, portray the story of this strong woman with her. Vocally, everything is well. But whether the beautiful but sad story of Veronika will be understood? We hope so! With a 19th place, the bookmakers are positive for now. Finland: What Käärijä can do, Windows95man must have thought he could do too. We have our doubts about thát, but what he and his companion Henri Piispanen definitely succeed in is throwing a party. With the blurred Windows95 logo, the underwear, and the way too short 1970s jeans, the entry stands out. “No rules,” sings the man who follows the rules perfectly. Moldova: We don’t understand it. Why wasn’t Natalia Barbu, who sings her “In the Middle,” allowed to bring all her look-alikes from the national final? Now she has added everything: butterflies, blossoms, wings, a violin… but she stands there alone. In 2007, she had to pay for her trip if she didn’t make it to the final. She did make it, but hopefully, she doesn’t have such a deal with the Moldovan broadcaster again. The bookmakers have her at 36th place.

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Malmö Messages: dancing, ballads and demons

Based on the posted photos, we can still share some details about today’s rehearsals. Cyprus: Not much seems to have changed compared to last time. The Cypriot song is mainly a dance act. The singing seemed to be of secondary importance at least. Cyprus once scored a 2nd place with Eleni Foureira in 2018. Whether Silia Kapsis can achieve the same is a big question mark. At the moment, the bookmakers predict a 23rd place for “Liar.” Serbia: Thunder and lightning and rocky landscapes during Teya Dora’s performance. In her song about Ramonda, she sang well before, and we have no reason to believe it’s different now. It was Marija Šerifović who once won for Serbia. Now, with a 24th place according to the bookmakers, it might be a bit more complicated. Lithuania:  Especially the cheerfulness of the song and Silvester’s charisma are winning over many hearts. The lighting is still red and blue. The masks (or rather a kind of oversized hoodies) of the background singers are more noticeable now. The bookmakers predict a 16th place. Ireland: If you’re into witchcraft and demons, you’re in the right place. Bambie Thug is surrounded by candles, forming a sort of witches’ circle around her. The white-painted face with black remains the same as during the previous rehearsal. Her hair is styled as if they are two horns. The demon on stage is now much more heavily made up. With her song “Doomsday Blue,” Bambie Thug is currently in a good 9th place according to the bookmakers, something Ireland could only dream of in recent years. Ukraine: Jerry Heil wears a train that she drops, while Alyona Alyona wears a white coat. With Teresa & Maria, they once again manage to make Ukraine one of the competitors to beat. Sitting on the ground or standing back to back, the two ladies deliver their song with strong vocals. It’s no surprise that the bookmakers currently predict a fifth place for them. Poland: Pointed shoulders are not reserved for Joost alone. Polish Luna also has them as she sings “The Tower.” Additionally, she is followed by three demons (there they are again). However, the pop tune she brings might be just a bit too average to score high. The bookmakers, at least, are not too enthusiastic, giving her a 28th place. in collaboration with Eurovision Artists

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Malmö Messages: interval acts announced

Sertab Erener Several famous singers from Eurovision will perform as interval acts at the Eurovision Song Contest. SVT, the Swedish broadcaster, announced two of these performances for the Semi-Finals. In the First Semi-Final, Benjamin Ingrosso will sing some of his recent songs. In the Second Semi-Final, three famous Eurovision winners – Helena Paparizou, Sertab Erener, and Charlotte Perrelli – will lead a big sing-along. People at home can also take part in this sing-along. Keep an eye on Eurovision’s official channels for an update on how to do so. Benjamin Ingrosso represented Sweden in 2018 with “Dance You Off” and since then, he’s become even more popular. He’s excited to perform in Malmö and hopes everyone enjoys his show. Benjamin Ingrosso, photo: EBU/Andres Putting The Second Semi-Final will have a special moment where people at home can join in singing classic Eurovision songs with Helena Paparizou, Sertab Erener, and Charlotte Perrelli. Helena Paparizou, who won for Greece in 2005, is thrilled to be back on the Eurovision stage after many years. Paparizou lives in Sweden, took part in Melodifestivalen and also represented Greece in 2001. Helena Paparizou Sertab Erener was the 2003 Eurovision winner, representing Turkey. Charlotte Perelli won in 1999, but also participated in 2008. We saw the latter hosting Eurovision In Concert, the preparty in Amsterdam, last month.   in collaboration with Eurovision Artists

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Malmö messages: Good morning from a sunny Malmö

Good morning from sunny Malmö. We from the Eurovision Universe team have now come together. Over the past few days, you were accustomed to us regularly providing you with updates on the rehearsals. We did this with the help of the eurovision live blogs. Last evening it became clear that there will be no live blogs today. We will keep you informed of all the news, but it will be in a different format than in the past few days. So, make sure to keep an eye on the site!

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