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March 24, 2023

Road to Liverpool: Ukraine

We can not wait for the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. Therefore, we have a closer look at one of the contestants every day. Today: Ukraine. Tvorchi This year, Ukraine was the first country to select this song. Tvorchi was chosen with the song “Heart of steel”. The song was inspired by the events in May in the Azovstal factory in Mariupol. By that time, the factory was the last place in Mariupol which was defended against the Russians. The duo singing the song is Tvorchi. Tvorchi excists of Andrii Hutsuliak and Nigerian born Jimoh Augustus Kihende. Both were students at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ternopil, in the west of Ukraine. released their debut single “Slow” in 2017. Their debut album followed in 2018. In 2020, Tvorchi became 4th in Vidbir, the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “Bonfire“. So far, Tvorchi released four albums. Vidbir The national final for the Eurovision Song Contest is called Vidbir. On 17 December last year the final was held in a shelter, the Maidan Nezhalesto Metro Station. After a shortlist with 36 names was published, 10 acts and songs were selected for Vidbir. While the jury chose for Krutь, the televoting audience had Tvorchi as there favourite. Tvorchi became the overall winner. It is not the first time that Vidbir is the national selection. It is the name of the national final since 2016. Often, with this year as an exception, the final is held after two semifinals.  Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest Ukraine participates in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2003. Already after one year, Ruslana brought the trophy home with her song “Wild dances”. The second Ukrainian victory came in 2016 with Jamala. She sang “1944”. With a landslide victory, Kalush Orchestra managed to win the contest last year with “Stefania”. But Ukraine also holds another record. No other country reached the final in ALL occasions. The contest is not held in Ukraine this year. Due to the war, safety guarantees could not be made.  The bookmakers Ukraine is currently 3rd at the bookmakers. It would not be a surprise if they really get that place. The country reached a top-3 place in no less than 3 occasions. The song And of course here is the song:  

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