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March 5, 2023

Portugal: results Festival da Canção are in

The results of the 2nd Festival da Canção semifinal are in. Another six songs head to the final, five chosen by the public and one by a jury. You will find the winning songs below in bold: Edmundo Inácio, “A festa” The Happy Mess, “O impossível” Teresinha Landeiro, “Equanto é tempo” Bandua, “Bandeiras” Bárbara Tinoco, “Goodnight” Inês Apenas, “Fim do mundo” Ivandro, “Povo” Dapunksportif, “World needs therapy” Lara Li, “Funâmbula” Voodoo Marmalade, “Tormento”

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Luke Black represents Serbia

Luke Black is going to represent Serbia in Liverpool. The song is called “Samo mi se spava” and it is written and composed by the singer himself. Expectations where and are high after the success of Konstrakta (5th place) last year. Serbia will perform in the first half of the first semifinal. Below you’ll find the full result of the national selection:  Luke Black, “Samo mi se spava”, 20 pts. Princ, “Cvet sa istoka”, 18 pts. Nađa, “Moj prvi ožiljak na duši”, 18 pts. Filip Baloš, “Novi plan, drugi san”, 15 pts. Dzipsii, “Greh”, 13 pts. Stefan Shy, “Od jastuka do jastuka”, 11 pts. Zejna, “Rumba”, 6 pts. Nadia, “Devojka tvog dečka”, 4 pts. Gift, “Liberta”, 4 pts. Chegi & Braća Bluz Band, “Svadba ili kagba”, 3 pts. Empathy Soul Project, “Indigo”, 3 pts. Hurricane, “Zumi, zimi, zami”, 1 pt. Boris Subotić, “Nedostupan”, 0 pts. Duo Grand, “Viva la vida”, 0 pts. Frajile, “Neka, neka”, 0 pts. Filarri, “Posle mene”, 0 pts.   And this is the song:

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It’s Diljá for Iceland

Diljá will represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool. The singer will sing the song “Power”, written and composed by Dilja Pétursdóttir herself together with Pálmi Ragnar Ásgeirsson. Iceland will perform in the 1st half of the 1st semifinal.  Out of the 5 participating songs, two were chosen for the superfinal. They were: Langi Seli & Skuggarnir, “OK” Diljá, “Power”   The other participating songs were: Sigga Ozk, “Dancing lonely” Bragi, “Sometimes the world is against you” Celebs, “Doomsday dance”   You can watch the song below:

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