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February 8, 2023

Italy: 2nd show of San Remo

Today, we will be able to see the 2nd show of the annual festival di Sanremo in Italy. Before the start of the contest, all the participants were (secretly) able to express their wish to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest. If the winner does not want to go to Liverpool, RAI selects another contestant. The show will start at 20.40 CET and you can watch it here. Fourteen songs will be presented tonight: Will sings “Stupido” Modà sings “Lasciami” Sethu sings “Cause perse” Articolo 31 sings “Un bel viaggio” Lazza sings “Cenere” Giorgia sings “Parole dette male” Colapesce & Dimartino sing “Splash” Shari sings “Egoista” Madame sings “Il bene nel male” Levante sings “Vivo” Tananai sings “Tango” Rosa Chemical sings “Made in Italy” LDA sings “Se poi domani” Paola & Chiara sing “Furore”   Colapesce & Dimartino participated in 2021 and became 4th.Levante took part in 2020 and became 12th.Madame was there in 2021 and became 8th.Modà took part in 2011 together with Emma Marone and was also present in 2013.Tananai became 25th in 2022. Note that we only mentioned the SanRemo participation in the years that RAI selected the Eurovision participant from the festival.

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