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November 29, 2022

Galit Burg died in car accident

Galit Burg passed away. The singer, who represented Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1989, was killed in a car accident. According to the Times of Israel, she was involved in a collision between a truck and two vehicles near Kfar Daniel in central Israel. Youth Galit Burg was born on June 8, 1968. She was born and raised in Bat Yam as the eldest daughter in a family of six children. Kdam Eurovision In 1989, musician Shaike Paykov submitted his song “Derech ha’melech” to Kdam Eurovision, the Israeli preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest. He chose 12-year-old Gili Netanel to perform his song. Shortly before the competition, the producers of the Eurovision song contest decided to attach an adult singer to it. That then became Galit Burg. Thus was born the duo “Gili and Galit”. Eurovision Song Contest After winning Kdam Eurovision 1989, the two represented Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Lausanne, Switzerland. The song placed 12th out of 22 contestants. The two recorded an English version of the song called “Shine for Tomorrow”. Although the song was unsuccessful in other countries, it became a hit in Israel. The English version of the song was not a success and the duo split up shortly afterwards. Tramp In 1991, two years after the Eurovision appearance, Burg founded the band “Tramp”, with which she performed at “Telrock” in Holon. In 1995, they competed for the “Wheel of Fortune Girl” title. United States and Europe Burg married the band’s guitarist and intermittently moved to the United States, where she was engaged in music. In 1994 she released a rock album in Israel that was not a success. Three years later, she went to the European market under the stage name “Galecia”, and published a dance song in English called “You Are The One”, which received a lot of airplay. Later, in 2005, she released an album called “Nogat Bach” consisting of her and her husband’s material. In 2013, she entered the auditions for the first season of X Factor Israel. Private life Borg was the mother of two children. In the first decade of the 21st century, she returned to Israel. Galit Burg was 54 years old.

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